Rockstar bringing Grand Theft Auto III to iPhone, iPad and Android on December 15th


  • aviking

    Please let it work on the Touchpad running CM7.

  • matt

    Not coming to Galaxy S2’s? The most powerful phone on the market? GG Rockstar

  • Dustin

    About time!!

  • Dk

    I don’t think Rockstar intentionally left out the Galaxy SII. Looking at the list, it is clear that they focused on optimizing the game for Tegra II devices first (Samsung Galaxy R is the only Samsung phone in the galaxy line up that uses the chip). It’s the unfortunate reality of Android Fragmentation.

    • bob

      They chose one of the worst GPU of the Android platform. It has nothing to do with fragmentation more about the money that they probably received from Nvidia.

    • Rio

      Doesn’t matter how much money Nvidia paid, it is still a victim of fragmentation.
      It is not easy optimizing games for a wide variety of devices.

      Although I will admit, that was a interesting line of devices they picked to support.

  • Try this for fun!

    Just make sure to play this game in a public place 😀

  • hawk

    those graphics are awful to todays phone/tablet standards…..seriously we should be excited by this?!?! thanks for dumping your old crap on our app world rockstar!…lol

  • krstnlndsy

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the T-Mobile G2X have the Qualcomm processor?

    • krstnlndsy

      Nevermind, I had it confused with the Samsung Galaxy S2X, I’m sorry.

  • apk

    It’s nothing Chainfire 3D can’t fix. There’s always a work around.

  • zar

    Wow, and to think 10yrs ago I was so excited to get my hands on that game and now I could get it on my phone.

  • hallway

    It made me think Apple devices are better for developers
    for some reason. Ridiculous amount of units has the same resolution,
    uses the same graphic chip, and most likely has the same version
    of OS.

    I’m not a developer or anything, but
    If you were a developer, which platform do you choose to make money?
    I’m a big fan of openness of Android platform, but that can also mean
    lots of work are needed to make your app actually work on most devices.

    I’m not saying Apple’s better, but isn’t it an easier choice to make an app
    for people who think they can actually have a conversation with the phone?

    I’m just saying.