SaskTel: “We are planning on carrying the Bold 9900”


  • danion

    so telus ? nothing to tell us ?…you wanna be so (future)friendly that you’ll stay behind every one else but push us to be so rude to jump in others boat ?…

    • Alex Perrier

      They ought to giddy up and clear out all their obsolete CDMA phones and legacy end-of-life devices. While high-end superphones are not my favourite, TELUS should carry at least two for that market.

  • Alex Perrier

    Can someone who has a SaskTel service please tell me what the company is like and how their products and services are?


      I have been with SaskTel since I moved back to Saskatchewan last year. I haven’t had any problems with service – the odd dropped call but nothing major. I don’t deal directly with SaskTel for the product/plan though. I deal with (locations in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and probably other centers). Bought the extended warranty for my BlackBerry Tour and when the battery stopped charging I was able to walk in and get a brand new battery, no questions asked, didn’t even have to sign anything. When I went shopping for my PlayBook, they didn’t have the 64G in stock but they had one sent on the bus and I had it the next day. When was promo-ing their PlayBook accessories they matched the offer and let me buy one get one half off. Great people to deal with!