Virgin Mobile releasing the Samsung “Swift”, ultra low-end flip phone


  • David Jackson

    why would anyonein their right mind buy this. so old even for a basic phone

    • Brayden

      Not everyone is the 14-45 crowd, with the need for the high end Galaxy S II, Bold 9900, iPhone 5, etc. Some people still want a basic flip phone. For a price of say, 100 retail, it would just make sense for some people to get it. Say someone who just wants a phone to contact family, text, etc, without the need for web, apps, high quality camera. There is still a market for basic devices as such.

      Me working at Virgin, I can vouch that there is still a need for basic phones. Our basic lineup is limited for flip phones, which the niche is filled exclusively by the LG 230. Not everyone needs the smartphones, with high up values, and the need to add data. Someone could, say get unlimited 24/7 talk with no zone restrictions to anyone in Canada for $65/month, still have text worldwide, and call ID. Or even MyCrew plans for 35, with 200 anytime, evenings/weekends at 6, text, and 10 national unlimited buddies.

      SuperTab means no commitment, so $0 down, tab of approx $100. Can cancel any time with max. cancellation of $100 and walk away. On the 65unlimited, phone is paid off after 16 months, with positive credit built. Cancel after a year, still only knock you down 22 bucks.

      Believe me, there is a market for these phones, whether it only be 30% or so of our devices sold are basic.

      Not everyone needs a Smartphone… (But should :P)

    • Alex Perrier

      But with Public Mobile being perhaps the only exception, carriers in Canada seem to be phasing out CDMA cellular technology, and phones that depend on it such as the LG 230 you mentioned. Meanwhile, Verizon is the #1 carrier in the USA, and still uses CDMA. Sprint, the #3 carrier, also uses this technology.

      So why does something tell me that CDMA is slowly dying in Canada?

  • Alex Perrier

    “If you could see that i’m the one who understands you / Been here all along, so why can’t you see? / you, you belong with me, you belong with me” ~ You Belong With Me, by Taylor Swift.

    This is in no way an attempt for me to objectify Taylor. Of course not! i just can’t help but wonder if a fan named the phone after her. It’s always possible. Regardless, it’s a nice name for a phone. Much better than a generic name like Samsung C414.

    Rather than give the phone obscure names, such as “Samsung m300”, “Huawei U6150”, or “LG GB-255G”, it’s nice to see some phones with a more natural name. Of course, it doesn’t make the device any better or any worse, but imaging having a conversation with another person:

    * “Hey there! What phone do you have?”
    * “It’s a Hu-a-wei-U-six-one-five-oh.”
    * “Never heard of it, but mine’s an L-G-G-B-2-5-5-G. Nice, eh?”
    * “Uh… umm…”

    NOTE: The LG GB-255G is “unofficially” nicknamed “LG Madison”,

    But anyway, my point is that it really bugs me to see awkward model numbers. Have human-handy, family-friendly names, and it will make it so much easier to spread the word about a device.

    • mark

      agreed, same with cars, i cant stand how lexus uses two letters and then 3 numbers for models…… my phone is a sumsung colby plus which is a better name than its offical model number GT-B3410r

  • Rich

    Alex, CDMA IS dying. but that’s not the topic at hand. If anything, doing the research shows that this is an HSPA+ device with a SIM card. So who cares about how CDMA fits into all this?

  • Brayden

    CDMA is certainly dying because HSPA+ is far better. It’s like – Why would I want the Samsung Galaxy S II, arguably the fastest smartphone to have brutal data service, and slow downloads. Of course it can be done, as in the example of USA selling non-SIM iPhones.. But why?

    You want everything to be the best it can be when getting these high end phones. The reason the basic are now HSPA+ is, in my opinion that is the new network, where all progress is being made. If new towers are going up, it will be to improve gaps in HSPA+, not CDMA.

    Mobile companies realize this, and are slowly pushing the CDMA models out. Virgin only has 2 CDMA models that aren’t end-of-life, the Rumor 2, and the LG 230 (Simple flip) I mentioned earlier. Both fill a market, and may have a decent life still, but we’ve seen the Samsung Stunt, Slider (m330 I believe), Bliss, and Link just to name a few CDMA phones leave.

    In a year I’m sure, Virgin will reduce this number to zero everywhere (except Manitoba… LOL)