Image: More confirmation of Bell’s upcoming BlackBerry lineup


  • V+L+A+D+M+I+H+A+E+L+E+S+C+U

    garbage, get an iPhone!

    • Alex Perrier


    • brando

      why would anyone want a $659 paper weight that at a press of a button wine’s, says “I’m suing you” and the all time classic steve jobs laughing while playing with one of the many fart apps that the iphone is known for.
      iphone and the thousands of fart apps do have something in common, that their both just wind bags of hot air.

  • Eric

    No thanks 🙂

  • Rich

    BB is negligible until the new QNX OS comes out. Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy, because even Blackberry staffers implied it in the open letter.

  • yha

    iPhone is outdated.

  • Matt

    Bell has been really aggressive lately in term of new phones. Their plans are not thus 🙁

  • Alex Perrier

    Bell Canada once had the monopoly on home phone. They were recently fined $10 million for misleading pricing. Their Internet speed before Fibe was nowhere near the advertised speed. TV channels cost too much. As they keep raising prices, we keep removing “services”.

    It’s really difficult to forgive a company that charges premium prices for sour service. One that forces a modem rental fee even if the customer already has a modem. One that wants to eliminate competition with usage-based billing. One that bought Virgin Mobile Canada and slashed all forms of fascinating, innovative advertising.

    Not only is Bell Canada already a disappointing company to begin with, they advertise in such a way that repels customers. Remember the arrival and departure of Frank and Gordon? Remember the foolish “uh-uh, uh-uh” TV ad that dumbs down the Atrix? Remember when Virgin Mobile had “no catch”? There’s so much more potential that Bell Canada has, if it only treats its customers right. Until then, Bell will remain the Canadian equivalent of America’s awful AT&T.

    • zico

      Yeah… bell needs to clean up their act. I remember a rep calling us offering cheaper service to switch away from our current internet service. What he failed to mention was that the monthly cap would be lowered to 60GB, the speed would be throttled to the nines and that he arbitrarily locked us into a 1 year contract without telling us… and whats more? after all the extra fees and overage costs it cost us MORE!!!!

      We’re with teksavvy now, couldn’t be happier.

  • TheTigerTek

    Damn u Fido.. I guess I have purchase a Bold 9900 off contract and unlock.

    • KC

      Why would you have to purchase the Bold 9900 unlocked to use it with Fido? It’s definitely going to be released on more carriers then Just Bell.

      It’s just that Bell has let their upcoming phones slip a little bit more then the rest of the carriers – well except Telus, but it’s hard to get to excited about vanilla ice cream year after year after year with the Telus line up.

  • SamTron

    Telus and Rogers need to get out from under their blankets and show that they want to take on Bell before the Summer is out!

  • KC

    I so wanted to get myself a new BlackBerry for my birthday tomorrow! Oh well, at least it’s only a month and a half more to wait – hope my current BB holds out that long though as it is telling me louder and louder everyday that it would like to be put out to pasture.

    For those that are saying that these phones are a waste of time, I say choice is good and not everyone wants Android or iOS and to date almost no one wants Windows Phone 7. Even AFTER QNX makes it’s debut on phones, BB OS will still be alive and kicking for YEARS to come and BB OS 7 is NOT the last version that will be released. QNX is going to trickle into the BlackBerry line up, not replace it in one fell swoop. So I say nice to see the Big three Canadian Telecoms showing their love for RIM by launching the full line of new BlackBerrys

    Do think it’s a poor idea to have two completely different form factor phones both called Torch though, but hey, what do I know, I work in marketing lol

  • astudent

    Why is bell getting all the good smartphones? Not saying the the bbs are good compared to other devices, just they keep getting the options! Bell will soon have 3 dual core devices in total within a few weeks while Telus and Rogers are lagging behind. Wtf! I want my dual core goodnesss!

  • crunch204

    with the milestone 3 launching in august make that 4 dual cores

  • Dread

    Yawn. QNX or don’t bother