Mobilicity CEO is rocking the Bold 9900 during his 2-week “We’ll Prove It To You” tour


  • crunch204

    Network: CDN Roaming

    cuz thats what you get, constant roaming baby

    • chall2k5

      of course he’d be roaming…he was in Kingston…..but its good to know that RIM is giving us an AWS version

    • Sid

      But 20c/min is still half the price of Rogers (40c/min) for a 647 number in a 613 calling area.

    • WoofWoof

      Canadian Roaming… I almost wet my pants laughing. Go Mobilicity, you’re my hero! LOL


      ***************BE AWARE OF MOBILICITY***************

      So I just recently bought a phone from Mobilicity store in Londonderry Mall and on the next day it died after every 2 hours. I went to return the phone to get a new one and the girl working there told me that I will have to call customer service to get authorization for return??Why is she getting paid?? I think she was too busy eating her lunch in front of me. So customer service told me that I will have to go back to original place where I purchased my phone and they will send it for repair >>WTF? EXCUSE MY FRENCHOMG<<

      2nd Customer Service Rep gave me the same information AGAIN. She called her manager as she said and then told me that I have to go to some Corporate Store in Claire view.her manager doesnt like them doing returns? what kind of store is this?? dont they have any rules??

      OOOMMMMMGGG!!!!! The girl told me that she doesn’t know how to do exchanges or to send it in for warranty.. WHY IS THAT MY ISSUE?????? I left with such a frustration and will NEVER EVER come back to this store and tell my friends to stay away from this store.

      I ended up at Claire view store and told the manager there my issue and he told me to go back to the same store I bought my phone from. He said they are corporate and cannot help. WTF-IS THIS A JOKE..CRAZY?? What the heck is corporate?? THEY ARE MOBILICITY STORES??

      My plan is great and the cheapest but I WILL NOT REFER ANYONE TO MOBILICITY for this reason. MY PHONE IS DEAD AND I NEED HELP???????

      Please reply back to me at to get this situation resolved……..please…

  • strikerx

    finaly the small2 have somethig to hold up agiants teh big3

    • Adam

      And what exactly is that? The majority of your usage will be on an EDGE network? WOOOOO!!! I don’t know it’s physically possible to go through enough data on edge to get significant roaming charges.

    • WoofWoof

      @Adam: Yea, I just noticed in the picture it’s showing him on the Edge network in a 3G serviced area. Man, that sucks. There isn’t even a point to have a smartphone if you’re stuck on Edge. You might as well buy a Blackberry Curve 8520.

  • soey22

    so much for 14mbps connection

  • Bryan

    its a nice phone but when will it come out in canada on a 850/1900 network soon cause i really like the phone especially since it has a 14 mbps modem 🙂

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    I called him on his phone. He confirmed to me that he likes both pigs and cheese. I like this guy.

  • George

    How exactly is it cheaper if you have the Rogers unlimited Canada wide talk verus this? Every 100 minutes is $20 bucks. I fail to see how its cheaper to roam.

  • George

    The retention $50 unlimited Canada talk.

    • WoofWoof

      @George: Fido (aka Rogers) has $20 unlimited Canadian Long Distance. CDN roaming could never compete with that.

  • 0defaced

    we all know that if robelus hadn’t bought up all the 2100 spectrum in the first place, Mobi wouldn’t have such a difficult time showing people that the network is awesome……blame the greed of the big 3 monopoly, not the new entrant with a kickass network for 1700aws 😉

    • human

      its not that robellus bought up all the spectrum (ie. WIND bought enough to wire most of the country) they just didn’t raise enough funds.

    • chall2k5

      The goverment never auctioned off UMTS band I (2100) it was UMTS band IV (AWS 1700 and 2100) Wind has only 5-10 MHz spectrum, Robellus have 60-100MHz

    • Bryan

      that really sucks that rogers bought that much spectrum and it took them over 2 years to activate it and use it for their LTE network…. we will see if 100 sq km can give us good network on this new network

  • DigitalMann

    I like it.

  • laridae

    I hope he’s using Bluetooth for those calls! Wouldn’t want to see him get a ticket.

    • chall2k5

      I called yesterday, and got voicemail which said he’ll call back when they stop (smart move)

  • WoofWoof

    They changed the picture to show 3G and no Canadian Roaming… BAHAHAHA!!!!!

    • Bryan

      they probably changed the picture because they asked mobilesyrup to change the pict to prove they use their network also lol

  • tbone

    I have no idea what apples to orange comparison this damn fool is making. With absolutely ridiculous subscriber counts and high churn, layoffs on a weekly basis..again what is this damn fool doing to add one subscriber. Who is even running their business?