Bell Motorola ATRIX 4G software upgrade to v37.23 now available


  • Groan

    Upload fix. About time!

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm… interesting. I noticed the changelog is somewhat different to that of AT&T’s version. I hope it fixes the fingerprint scanner issue and the bloody data sync problem for Gmail where it just goes and goes and goes.

  • TheTigerTek

    I would suggest buying a Bell Atrix… I’m with Fido I got the Atrix unlocked… Was working fine horrible battery life.. then it stopped charging.. I took it back to Bell.. gave me the run around wouldn’t do anything about it. I had to buy another battery.. that didn’t fix the problem. Now I have chargeless Atrix. BELL’S CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!

    • TheTigerTek

      CORRECTION **I wouldn’t suggest buying the Atrix or any other phone from Bell**

    • Jim

      I would contact Motorola directly. I would think they should honour the warranty. If you paid for the phone on a credit card, most have a program where the warranty is doubled up to an additional year! I haven’t ever used the credit card warranty, but it’s worth a try!

    • Tbone

      you should have purchased their all inclusive 2 year extended coverage is $80 well worth it

    • Adam

      you bought a phone to use with a different carrier. Once you unlock a phone, their service contract with you ends.

    • Gnogre

      LOL you bought a phone that is exclusive to Bell, then unlock it, screw it up and then want Bell to fix the issue? What dream world do you live in? rofl…

  • EmperumanV

    @TheTigerTek, That is unfortunate. Haven’t had any issues with my battery in terms of horrible battery life. Guess its a hit or miss thing. The one issue I did have was the constant rebooting, but hopefully it should be fine now with the new firmware.

  • Kevin Thom

    Has anyone had any success installing the update? When I try to update, my phone reboots, looks like it’s going to install, and then freezes with the Android Exclamation Mark icon on the screen. I have to pull the battery and then restart it. When I choose update again, it re-downloads the file and does the same thing all over again.

    • Ryan

      were you able to get this fixed? I’m experiencing the same thing

    • Dan

      @Kevin Thom

      Hey I had this problem too but was able to figure it out. I rooted my phone and installed the webtop hack (using webtop with any hdmi cable and no cradle). I noticed changing these apks stop the installation. When the android exclamation mark icon appears when you are installing the update tap the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up the info of recovery mode. It should tell you at what step the installation stalled at. For me it was the dockservice.apk and I knew right there it was the webtop hack I did earlier. Btw rooting the phone has no effect on updating the phone.

  • Jim

    lmao, “reduce the amount of times your display freezes”. That’s what I’m hoping for in a phone update, a “reduced” amount of freezes. WOW, total fail.

  • caplin

    its good to see that motorola finally learned how to release bug-fixes, now only if they released bugfixes for their other phones… *ahem* xt720 *ahem*

  • Crunch204

    @thetigertek so you bought the atrix outright and are using it on fido but bell wouldn’t help you with the battery?

    I wouldn’t either.

    On a higher note, Good to see motorola keeping their word in regards to device updates!!

  • EmperumanV

    @Kevin Thom – Haven’t yet experienced it yet, hopefully it doesn’t. Still downloading.

    • Kevin Thom

      I thought maybe it was because my phone was rooted and I’d removed some of the Bell crapware. But, I restored the uninstalled apps and unrooted the phone. Still no go 🙁

  • EmperumanV

    Could be… who knows.

  • EmperumanV

    So far it downloaded, rebooted, and installed successfully. Now its been on the Motorola logo with Dual Screen for a min or two, now just the Motorola logo. *Crosses Fingers*

  • Treatz


  • Eric

    It’s too late…

  • Justin Credible

    More proof that Wind Mobile sucks.

  • MXM4K

    Good for Atrix owners, but you wouldn’t catch me with a Motorola Android device anytime soon.

    Updates like these are a step in the right direction though.

  • Keith

    Bell’s so called super-phone sounds like a super-disaster of a phone.

  • Shann B

    Updated without an issue – be forewarned that it does take a while to install after reboot. It’ll sit at the Dual Core screen for a few minutes, and then about 5 – 8 minutes at the Motorola logo while it completes. Too early to tell if this *fixed* anything, but I frankly have had 0 issues with the phone in 3 months…

  • Shann B

    Oh…. and I shouldn’t have to point this out but it will remove your root. I’m not certain yet if you can root again as the fix just came out.

  • EmperumanV

    Wait till Bell gets the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation. I’m sure Atrix owners (well I know I will) will sell my Atrix and get either one.

    • Niners13

      Why downgrade? Especially sensation.

      If you think atrix has bugs/problems, wait till you get a load of the other two.

  • loom star

    seem it did improve some performance.

    some widget like weather-eye home screen, not showing right as full screen. compare it before the updates , the widget show fine

  • Rick

    No problem with the download, I think it’s running better. I always had good service with Bell and happy to see they are updating there firmware, this shows that they are concern in customers service and not just selling the next newer phone.

  • Pierce

    Downloading the update for my Atrix now. The upload, data, screen and calling updates look promising but I don’t really care about the rest of them. My screen has never frozen to the point of me needing to remove the battery and/or hard reset the phone. However I have found my homescreen scrolling to be laggy at times, even with the aid of Advanced Task Killer and Memory Booster Lite. I’m hoping the update will correct some of those issues, we’ll see.

  • Kerry Butt

    I updated yesterday over the air (did not have the patience to wait until I had a Wifi connection!) All went smoothly. As others have noted, it takes awhile for the phone to reboot afterwards (including one period where the phone seems stuck on the Dual Core intro screen with the notification light flashing red quite alarmingly! In fact, the LED flashes red, green and blue at different points during the install/reboot process). The only problem I have seen post-update is that my WeatherEye app does not display properly anymore. Tried to delete and reinstall but no improvement. Still usable though.

  • TjTheMute

    I just updated this morning, and it should also be mentioned that this update takes the OS from Android 2.2.1 to 2.2.2

    I think we’re getting fairly close to a Gingerbread update.

  • kevy

    I have two Atrix phones – completely stock. The first phone took the update with no issues. The second phone stuck at the “Dual Core Technology” screen. I tried several attempts to start up having removed the battery with no joy. I had to do an external hard reset and will try the update again later.

  • kevy

    Further to my comment where my second atrix hung after the restart…when doing the external hard reset, it installed the update on the reset.

  • Antonio

    It should be noted this update breaks screen resolution scaling in some apps. I have this issue on multiple apps on my Atrix since updating. Here is a quote from one of the user forums at motorola support:

    “I just talked with Moto support. They said they are aware that this is a problem with the update. It breaks the atrix’s ability to scale screen resolution of apps.

    They said mailing it back to support is not an option, because they will put the update back on the phone, and you will still have the problem.

    They said they are “looking into a possible fix” for future updates, but in the meantime I can contact all the 3rd party apps that have the issue and see if they are willing to make a version that will work correctly on the Bell atrix without needing scaled resloution…. o_O.

    Basically they said there is nothing they can do, and hopefully in the future the issue will be fixed, but they couldn’t promise it would. They also said there is no way they can help you can your phone un-updated (either by releasing SBF file or having you mail it in for a SBF flash (they will flash the new update as well).”