Rogers officially releases Dell Streak for $149.99 on 3-year


  • Ozzy

    how does it compare to the iPad or Tab?

  • gurleen kaur

    its very elegant and different from other mobiles…….

  • wiley

    Android 1.6, thats terrible with an upgrade to 2.1 in the future. No word on the actual actual upgrade date, is insane. I wouldn’t touch this device with the outdated Anroid and no confirmed update date.

  • Herry69

    doesn’t matter what it is, i wouldn’t own anything from rogers. even if you paid me.

    greedy parasites.

  • Paul

    I just want to get my hands on one and TRY IT… see how it looks and feels. This could be a winner with 2.2 but I wouldn’t purchase before the OTA is official (soon… yes?)

    I wonder how Rogers is going to handle Voice/Data for this – or any other tablet. Will there be a new category of plans, or will it simply fit under smartphones.

    I’m also curious to know what size of microSD it ships with.

    • Ivan

      16 gb out of the box

  • Wayne Colegate

    DELL stands for :
    L………Lost money

  • Pete

    Why put out a product with an outdated OS and promise and upgrade. Why not just put out a decent product with an up to date OS in the first place. …. also, $150 on a three year for this product is way too much. This thing is worth $250 if you compare features to products offered by Archos. $150.00 on a three year should get you a product worth about $600 to $700 on an outright purchase. An iPad, or one of the High End Samsung tablets at least. Rogers should just pull this off their line up. It’s a disservice to customers to sell something like this to customers that may not be informed enough to know better.

    • Phil

      Are you serious, you ignorant i***t?
      Archos has NOTHING on the cellular business so I have no idea what in the hell you were thinking comparing the two. And as far as comparison goes, Dell is a much more successful company than Archos is and whoever thinks and states otherwise is an ignorant fool. Your comparisons are faulty and are rendered useless. Your pricing is based on opinion and your opinion is useless in the market.
      You really have no grounds to criticize their pricing. It’s something called profit. Maybe you heard of it. If they offered it at a lower price they would jeopardize their maximum profit and furthermore jeopardize their maximum revenue. With lower revenue, they would either have to discontinue the distribution of the Streak or raise the prices of all of the other phones.
      Ah, $150 on a three year plan = $600 – $700? Are you mad? Have you gone insane? And you complain to Rogers about this? I WOULD support you if you directed this towards all cellphone service providers, but you didn’t, and you lose the support and furthermore, you look like a stupid child making such comments. Look at other prices of other phones from other cellphone service providers. Look at the 3 year term prices and the non-contract price, i***t.

    • Ivan

      Wow you are just grossly misinformed. This has everything plus more than Ipad and Galaxy Tab. iPad can’t make phone calls and your stuck to memory and it runs the same cpu. the galaxy tab for north america has had the ability to make phone calls taken out and both runs a 1ghz cpu. the features of this phone are stronger than the iphone4, and on par with the galaxy series. Yes i do agree with the software issue but that is software than can be upgraded rather than hardware that can’t. And by the way the screen is covered in gorilla glass too…so is the galaxy tab.

    • Ryan Waddell

      Umm, the reason this is $150 on a three year is because it is actually a phone, as well as being a tablet. If it was just a 5″ media player, why would Rogers be selling it on a contract at all? What kind of contract would you actually be signing?

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Android 1.6? You’re joking, right?

  • Paul

    It’s live on the Rogers website now… comes with 16gb SD card and seems the plans are the same as all smartphones.

  • shark

    maybe they could load it with windows 95. Your right hot product old software ver.I think I wait for update release

  • Chris Marle

    Won’t touch to this until OFFICIAL words of an OTA update to Froyo. Don’t want Eclair, we need some Froyo, you know, something ” up to date “. But with Rogers, it seems hard to be up to date in Android phones.

    • Jeremy R

      Which CANADIAN device IS on 2.2 aside from the Nexus One being sold in Quebec?

    • Ryan Waddell

      The HTC Desire Z (available from Bell) is Android 2.2, if I’m not mistaken. And I belive the HTC Desire (on Telus) was recently upgraded to 2.2 as well.

  • Keith

    Until about a month ago I wanted an Android but this has changed with the release of WP7. The fact that major Android devices are still being released on 1.6 highlights the big problem that Android fragmentation is causing. I don’t like Apple’s anal control over everything any better but I think Microsoft has the best idea by specifying strict control over the specifications and updates. A carrier is not even allowed to be behind more than one update cycle on WP7.

  • JohnB

    Is there a way to unlock this Rogers version? Apparently AT&T will give out unlock code by simply calling them. I have a feeling that Rogers won’t.

    I’m with FIDO and despite that Rogers own them, I can’t use it. This is so dumb.

  • Andy

    I tried finding one and none of the stores have them..I also called the call center and they do not have them in stock either…I am not sure why it says they are for sale…No one even knows if or when they will be getting them…From what I can tell you have to order online however without a credit card you are out of luck…This sucks big time..Anyone know when it will be available to purchase? I already have the Acer liquid E, Galaxy S and an iphone however this is by far the toy I want the most..Please get them soon Rogers!!

  • Greedy

    Not sure what people see in this device. With a 5″ screen it’s basically in between a tablet and a smartphone. Not sure if that’s a good place to be. Releasing something running 1.6 this late in 2010 seems crazy to me. Hopefully for anyone who buys this, Dell will move faster on the update than SE has for the X10.

  • Andy

    Ok…I found one…The only one in the whole entire city…lol…It is some sweet…Yes it has 1.6 however they were not kidding when they said Dell added some extras to make up for it…I really like it…I am however looking forward to 2.1 or 2.2…The screen and speed are amazing..I also have Acer liquid e running 2.2 and Galaxy S with 2.1 so I am quite familiar with Androids newer OS’s however like I said…Dell did a real good job masking the 1.6…I do miss a lot of my favorite apps though…the ones that only run with the newer Android OS’s…Anyways cheers

  • los

    will best buy mobile sell it in canada ?

  • Spidey

    I bought one. Hate Rogers but I bought one. Hoping the fellows at XDA developers will be able to crack this one. The finish is nice and has a good feel. Speed is nice and response to finger swipes is the best I’ve seen on an android device … but still not as good as the iPhone 4.

    Really unfortunate this is locked to Rogers.

  • Spidey

    Hoping for Bill C-560.