Report: “Apple emerged as the most reliable manufacturer”

In October cellphone warranty provider SquareTrade released a report with fancy graphs that stated the “iPhone 4 Glass Breaks 82 Percent More Than 3GS”. This month SquareTrade is back again with another report. This time they analyzed over 50,000 smartphones that are covered under their insurance policy and found that the iPhone 4 is projected to have the highest accident rate with 13.8% of owners. Motorola and HTC come in second with 12.2% and BlackBerry being the least amount of reported accidents with 6.7%. The cause of these accidents SquareTrade says “The data seems to suggest that the likelihood of drop damage is directly proportional to the amount of glass on the device”.

When it comes to the actual device malfunctioning. “Apple emerged as the most reliable manufacturer” with 2.1% reporting an issue… but unfortunately the tables turned on RIM as BlackBerry skyrocketed with 6.3% of owners complaining their device malfunctioned.

You can check out the full report here at SquareTrade
Via: AppleInsider

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