Bell officially drops Palm Pre to $0.00 on 3-year!

We’ve seen the Palm Pre hit the rock bottom price of $0.00 over the holidays… but it was not through Bell directly. However if you take a peek over at Bell today you can see the price dropped to a lovely $0.00 on a 3-year contract.

Possibly the reason for this drop is the upcoming TELUS Palm Pre. Even back in July we wrote a story stating that Bell has a 6-month exclusive on the Pre. We’re guessing the time is up and the drop is get people to buy the first webOS device.

Here’s what the internal document said about the 6-month exclusive: “Bell will be the second carrier worldwide (after Sprint) to sell the Palm Pre, with exclusivity for 6 months.” In the meantime… get your Pre here at Bell

(Thanks Joa!)