Virgin’s upcoming devices: 9700, 8530, iPhone, MiFi 2372…


  • anitabot

    Wowser, great devices but 700 bucks PLUS 3 year contract to get an iPhone 3gs? As a Virgin customer I had high hopes about the iPhone but there’s no way I’m paying that much AND being locked in for that amount of time. It’s one or the other price or contract.

  • Geoff

    It’s strange that Virgin Mobile would price their iPhones significantly higher than the competitors. Virgin is supposed to be a discount brand. I don’t know how they think they’re going to acquire customers with prices like that.

  • pascal guertin

    What those prices are unrealistic, those must be non contract pricing.

  • Karam

    Must be a mistake on their website. Why would anyone pay the full price on a 3 year contract? It doesn’t make any sense so I’m pretty sure they just made a mistake on their website.

  • Jordan

    I’m 99% sure thats a typo

  • T

    Is virgin going to have their own network?

  • Jordan

    You cant all possibly believe that’s real? If you go to their website its not even listed under PHONES yet so they haven’t fully completed the site upgrades. It’s OBVIOUSLY a mistake

  • Ted Avery

    Yep those prices definitely aren’t right, those would be prepaid prices.

  • joe

    These are the no-contract prices. If you pick 30 days, the price stays the same. I don’t think they’ve set the contract prices yet.

  • mark

    wow, thats gotta be a typo, bell charges less than that for the 3gs and since they are same company i dont see them charging more than the main carrier contract price if not bell is really screwing people who want to use virgin

  • Ken

    i hope its a mistake as i wanted to get iphone with no contract. i gurss we will just wait and see

  • yaright

    I was looking at their plans and even though Bell has something to do with them, I’d be saving 60 bucks a month. What’s the reason for staying with bell again?

  • Artbungler

    Im fairly sure thats no contract pricing and you put it as 3 year lol

  • mark

    ken that is the upfront fee of a iphone, the (3g) 99, (3gs) 199,299 are contract prices

  • RT

    lol @ the morons who think this is 3 year contract pricing.

  • final send off

    Uhm, virgin is a discount brand. They’re not going to make someone pay 700 bucks for a phone when they’re looking for a deal. Click the link, the phones aren’t even there yet.

  • Ken

    those links above are useless now. virgin changed the user guides page, took down the new stuff. and the pricing pages now show “invalid product id”. i guess they were getting too many visitors.

  • larry harvey

    You guys are reading it wrong,It says (Forward slash)30 day is full price.

  • theninjasquad

    Virgin isn’t launching their own network… they use Bell’s network. They’re simply introducing new devices that work on that new network.

  • kevin

    lmao virgin mobile removed it.

  • Artbungler

    @larry harvey

    The article was edited after all those comments were posted.

  • Marc

    That’s the full price, you i****s. It’s shocking how little some of you can think. $700 and a 3 year contract? Does that not ring any alarm bells in your lackofbrain? No wonder you’re with Virgin mobile…

  • Josh M

    ok the way it works is the 599 and 699 are on a 30 day bases, 3 year contract for the iphones you are looking to maybe for the 3g being 99.99 and the 3gs 199.99, there has been no set price yet for the 3 year term for the iphones, they can only be hooked up on a myplan tho, so you cant buy it straight out and hook it up on prepaid, also we (as in virgin) may not sell the iphone on a 30 day plan since bell, rogers, or telus only sells them on a 3 year contract