Vidéotron says it was ‘forced to put an end’ to Unlimited Music, will give customers free data


  • Hi,

    I received this as well (extra 4GB on my 6GB plan). The letter also says you can end your contract. With the double your data plans, I could go down to 5GB plan and still get 10 GB, or stay to 6GB and get 12 GB.

    Have some of you talked to Videotron already about possibilities?

    • Ipse

      Curious as well, especially since I have NOT received the letter.

    • sebpelletier

      Haven’t received the letter either, and my usage was pretty high… I’m hoping they are doing this for all customers !

    • Wilbour

      Everyone is getting an addon. Most I’ve heard is 8 gigs so far.

      Wait for Ed McMann to ring your door bell.

      Geeze, did I just show my age?

    • Wilbour

      Got my letter on the Friday of a long weekend. Expect it in the next few days as Monday was a stat holiday in most of Canada.

    • ab

      I’ve tried calling since I only got 1 GB of data and feel a little raped since I was just starting to use the unlimited music. I got this plan on a BYOD only a few months ago just to be told that they looked at my usage of the last 12 months…. issues is, I’ve been out of the country most of the time in the last few months that i’ve had the line. No luck with satisfaction service agent. He told me that an automatize service decided what people got.

    • Raion

      This is shocking to me. I assumed they sort of lowballed everybody expecting some of them to call into the loyalty dept. I thought anybody who called would see their offer upsized.

    • ab

      I taught so too. But all i got was well depends on how you use it. Now im thinking about leaving the phone on 24/7 with spotify playing all the time and using that as a negociation peice next month.

    • Raion

      I wasn’t being overly insistent either. Just told the CSR that UM was basically the only reason why I was staying with Vid and that I was pretty insulted at them converting my plan to 6 Gb when new customers could get 8 Gb for the same price.
      I even ended the call saying that I still wasn’t satisfied despite the new offer but that I understood that she had her constraints.
      That CSR must’ve been in a good mood after all.

    • ab

      If everyone had UM, everyone should get the same deal. Why should people who used it less be penalized

    • Raion

      Possibly because they know people that haven’t been streaming much wouldn’t use the replacement data for that purpose and they don’t want to be giving away extra data that’s going to be used for anything else.

  • Mario Gaucher


    I’m a Videotron subscriber… I’ve received the letter.
    I have 4 lines…
    two that will get 4 GB… and the two others where music is not really used will get 1GB.

  • Warren

    I was only given 1gb extra. I realize my usage is relatively low, but it still feels like a bit of a slap in the face.

    • Mayoo

      Same here.

    • Wilbour

      I know. I got 4 gigs and my daughter got 8. “Had I known….” scenario

  • YJK

    Meaning of UNLIMITED was redefined long time ago when unlimited internet meant no more than 1GB/month.
    Just wait for Webster to change it.

  • Trotsky

    Yeah, some light users are getting 1GB as well. I’d be pretty angry if I got that.
    Good thing I was abusing my unlimited music and got 8GB though.

    • Humbre

      Good on you to be “abusing” a service.

  • Whome

    I don’t really expect to get anything as I really didn’t use the service much. Not bothered by those getting 8gb either. Good for them. Good on Videotron for doing what they are doing. I am very happy with the service and paying half of what i would at Rogers for the same service.

    • heynow00

      Sounds like you are comparing Ontario Rogers plans instead of Quebec Rogers plans.

    • Whome

      Yes because living in Ottawa I only have access to the Ontario version of Rogers plans. Irregardless the customer service is way better at Videotron than at Rogers.

  • Travis (Barrhaven)

    Glad to see Videotron users getting some extra data. Don’t know if that
    makes up for the loss of unlimited music (was it truly unlimited?)

    I love how Videotron used the words, “Videotron will be forced to put an end…”

    They make it sound like it’s someone else’s fault that it has to be discontinued. Really, it was an issue of fairness that Videotron had overstepped.

    Here’s how it would have sounded if spoken truthfully,
    “Videotron’s unlimited music service gave undue preferential treatment to certain types of traffic, while making competing services count against your monthly caps. We had two choices, make competing services not count against your monthly caps, or discontinue the unlimited music service. We chose to discontinue the unlimited music service.”

    I hope I got that right. That’s how I understand it anyways.

    • Jon Duke

      You did but that’s what people we’re saying it was when it wasn’t. They were not counting competing service on the data cap. All music services we’re zero rated.

    • Humbre

      No, even if they included competing services; it would still be undue following the CRTC’s definition.
      The only way they would have had to make it comply is offering a truly unlimited plan for all types of data.

      I guess that was not on the table…

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    This is how a carrier should act. It’s in the carrier’s interest and the customers. Good on Videotron.

  • Jon Duke

    Yeah and the calculations are bogus. I have 4 lines on my account. My line is the one with the less data. I use unlimited music and the others don’t. My 2 lines with 8gb already are getting 4gb. I’m getting 2. They would’ve been better giving nothing if the point was to make sure those with less data get less so they bust.

    • Omar

      If it was better getting nothing then just send them an email requesting they don’t give you an extra 2 GB of data on your plan. Problem solved 😉

    • Jon Duke

      Good idea. I’ll do that right now.

  • tremsr

    Ensure that your music app of choice caches everything you play, that way you won’t get dinged for data listening to that album over and over again. I got in the habit of downloading my playlists via wifi before I switched to Videotron, so I guess it means getting back into that habit when I switch devices. It really is a bummer that Videotron screwed up, but at least they are trying to make right. At the end of the day, the service is reliable and considerably cheaper than any of the current pricing out there (I know there is faking SK accounts to get their plans – but that’s fraud and if and when they crack down, who knows the repercussions) and their customer service has been great.

    • John Lofwire

      Depend on your needs..

      I tested videotron but as i am too much on the road i was often getting my call cut and having to call my clients again and again was a no go.

      data speed was also horrible all around..

      But hey if its good for you why not… but personally i would use koodo instead ( quebec region )

    • Sequoia46.2

      The plan is permanent though. Definitely worth keeping if you use alot of data. It will be cheaper to buy a phone up front instead of changing plans, do the math and you’ll see a contract usually isn’t worth it.

  • GoodBytes

    Meh, BS service anyways. Your phone had to be from Videotron, no Bring your Own Device, despite being mentioned in the plan, even if it is the same phone as those offered by Videotron, and the music stream service must be 128Kbps or less, but most services listed are 160kps minimum.

    Yes, I called and asked why it didn’t work. The fine print where shown to me. I switched providers the following month and never looked back.

    • alexb88

      BS comment. I had unlimited music with a BYOD plan with a phone I purchased directly from Google. The 128kbps was never enforced (which Videotron admitted to the CRTC), I streamed at maximum quality all the time and it was never deducted from my data.

    • Jon Duke

      Thank you

    • John Lofwire

      Not everyone had same experience as you.
      you having no problem do not make others having issues wrong.

    • GoodBytes

      You must be special then. ’cause you have no idea how many calls I had to do to see why it was not working, and all pointed me that I needed to buy my phone from Videotron, and use a service with 128kpbs, and that is my problem is figure it out, with the suggestion that I complain to the streaming provider to add the option. The best I got was a one time 15$ off my plan for the month for being miss informed. This is when I refused and canceled my services.

  • Omar

    8GB of additional data a month. Permanently. You wouldn’t get that kind or compensation from the Big Three if they were in the same situation.

    • John Lofwire

      If like videotron its was written on the service agreement then yes they would give you freebies.
      Because you do know you can cancel your agreement with no fee if you want when they change your plan before the end of the agreement.

    • Whome

      I got a Gig. I’ll take it. 🙂

    • Raion

      Might want to try calling them. I was offered four and ended up with double that.
      Still incredibly disappointed at loosing Unlimited Music, which was the only reason keeping me with Vid, but I’ll see how much streaming I can get done with that. If I feel that I can’t stream freely, I may just choose to lower my payments for a bit less data.
      It wasn’t going to happen, but I would’ve been happy with about 40 gigs, which would have allowed me to stream music all day and would be a true equivalent to Unlimited Music.

    • Ipse

      Quite the opposite experience here…I called to see what my options are and was met with a lot of hostility (don’t understand why…I didn’t create this situation…) and told point blank that
      A) it doesn’t matter if you consider the offer unreasonable, Videotron doesn’t have to adjust it
      B) if I cancel, I will pay the reminder of the contract

      The 2 gentlemen I spoke to were extremely irritated and treated me as someone in delinquency… Shockingly unpleasant experience, contrary to all my interactions with Videotron in the past.
      I’m not sure what marching orders the CSRs were given, but I doubt they included mistreating the customers who are in this mess through no fault of theirs.

      I am considering my options as I will have to understand better what my rights are.

    • Raion

      Maybe they’re getting a lot of similar calls and are just getting annoyed. Still totally unacceptable.
      My CSR also seemed to think the initial offer was quite reasonable despite me explaining that it wasn’t even in the same universe as Unlimited Music value-wise.
      As far as contracts go, do you have balance remaining on a phone? Because this being a contract modification, you’ll be allowed to cancel after receiving the letter without any penalty other than having to pay that balance.
      All the low cost players seem to have similar priced plans to Vidéotron’s (sans the bonus data linked to Unlimited Music) at the moment and I’m considering switching as well for the increased nation-wide coverage.

    • Wilbour

      Nation Wide Coverage? How come your Videotron plan does not give you Canada Wide coverage? I’ve used mine literaly from sea to sea without a roaming charge.

    • Raion

      I should’ve been clearer. I meant better nationwide coverage. I have family in Northern NB and Rogers’s coverage isn’t great in those parts.

    • Wilbour

      I fully understand. I did have a significant amount of outage in NB but I was on VIA Rail and you go way out of civilization on that route.

      I used to be with Virgin (Bell towers) but reception was spotty at best at the cabin. Rogers has a big tower in the next field over so now I have full bars whIle on vacation.

  • Makkahn Mack

    I commend Videotron for Trying to fight the battle for great features, though CRTC may have been perhaps somewhat correct, If Videotron only allowed other Apps to be on board as well, then perhaps the CRTC decision might have been a bit different.

    • John Lofwire

      The issues was not only thats its did not work with ALL music streaming service but also thats its was offered only on the highest tier plans.

    • Wilbour

      Really? Never heard that argument before. Perhaps you are right.

    • John Lofwire

      Tidal with max quality stream did not work ( an example )

      CRTC is very very strict best way is to read the decision itself.

    • Wilbour

      Oh. I was referring to your comment about only the higher level plans getting the unlimited streaming.

      I interpreted your comment as the CRTC was not pleased that only higher level plans got free streaming.

      Guess I missinterpreted your comment.

    • John Lofwire

      Nope you interpreted it correctly 🙂

    • Wilbour

      I knew that there were some music streaming seines being left behind.
      I assumed it is a techical issue.

    • Wilbour

      By other Apps you would have to include apps of “ALL” data uses.

      Remember that Videotron permitted 17 various Music Apps to stream for free and was open to more suggestions.

      Where the CRTC found fault was that it was music only. Data is data and they were not allowed to pick and choose what sort of data was fee.

      I’m in a good position now in that I haven’t had the opportunity to stream anymore due to a job change. So now I have 10 gigs of data/month for the next 18 months.

      As for the opion to leave and take my phone, well yes I could do that but I would have a locked phone to deal with. Then after that where else would I get a BYOP phone plan for $66 and 10 gigs / month?

    • Larry

      As for the opion to leave and take my phone

      That option means you pay for the subsidy owed, right?

    • Patrick Charette

      No. There would be no cancellation fee since the contract was an illegal contract. My letter from Videotron states the option to cancel with no fees…and I have three phines under contract including a 3 month old Samsung Galaxy S8.

    • Mark L.

      Are you sure about this ? I also just started a new account in May with an S8 and am thinking if I dont have to pay the subsidy owed, then would be better off to cancel as I only got offered 1gb for that line, because they only tracked 1 month use of it. Which is when i was still testing it out and not streaming any music, last month i had 6gb of streamed music, but their customer service said they tracked it only until end of may as that is when the CRTC decision came out. Which is BS.

    • Patrick Charette

      I’ve called and spoken to 2 separate agents who have confirmed no fees, no balance owing on the phones. Week see on August 4 if they say the same thing.

    • Mark L.

      Allright well i hope you are right. I cant see them putting so much of a fuss when i called in to complain about only getting 1 gb even though last month i used almost 6 and they said there is nothing they can do, but they would let me leave a contract on a $1000+ phone that i’m only 3 months in.

  • Makkahn Mack

    BUT, I think the Key now is IF Unlimited data is far off, The Carriers need to start Offering more Data for a lot less, otherwise the Telecommunications industry might faulter.
    We obviously need More Carriers, Like 6 per Province

    • John Lofwire

      We need more carriers but 6 per province is a big stretch i say its depend on population density as well.

  • Werethless

    Good. I hate how many people were angry at the CRTC for making them stop this.

    Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t just have unlimited data for music, but had true unlimited data for everything? This is a stepping stone to that. But if Canadians complain about losing this anti-net neutrality plan, then we will never get true unlimited data

    • Aleph Ruehl

      I’m not ‘angry’ but I am disappointed in the decision as I liked the service. Also, unlimited data is closer to far fetched and fanciful than reality. However, that’s not to say impossible as all it takes is a carrier whose enough of a threat to the Big 3 to make the jump and others will follow.

  • Louis Foy

    Got 2 additional gigs. I’m BYOD.

  • vonbraun

    Just get a SingTel Business Plan with Global 4G Roaming. Bring it back to Canada and use it. Problem solved. My company gives me an add-on of roughly 150$ CDN which gives me unlimited, unthrottled 4G data in 40 different countries. I can’t believe how much Canadians are getting ripped off.

  • hebdo27

    Holy cow!!! I just got my letter in the mail confirming this…. I have 2 lines on the 6GB business plan thus we share 12 GB total. My account now reads…… 2Gb shared!!? Thank you CRTC! yes I was streaming a lot of Spotify at max bit rate! Up yours Big 3!