The next 9.7 inch iPad will likely also get the ‘Pro’ treatment

Rob Attrell

February 26, 2016 7:17am

With Mobile World Congress 2016 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start looking forward to the new devices coming out in the next few months. As far as new devices go, one of the more long-awaited products we’re expecting in March is a new iPad, reportedly set to be announced by Apple at an event held in mid-March.

After Apple’s fall event in 2016 with no full-size iPad announced alongside the new iPad Mini and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, speculation started about when the next 9.7 inch iPad would be announced. The latest rumours out of Cupertino say that Apple will be announcing a new iPad at its reported spring event, but that this new tablet will be a smaller member of the iPad Pro family.

Rumour-mongers had been speculating that the new iPad would come with the same Smart Connector as the iPad Pro. A new report says that the new 9.7 inch iPad will be a full member of the Pro line, complete with support for the Apple Pencil, a four-speaker stereo system, and a smaller version of the Smart Keyboard to match.

The report still puts the Apple event on March 15th, and could begin shipping as soon as Friday, the 18th. Pricing is speculative at this point but is expected to be closer to iPad Pro cost than current iPad Air models.

  • KiwiBri

    We have a couple iPads in the house. Like therm for what they are. I did see a Samsung S2 tablet the others day in the store. Impressive build. Will be interesting to see if people are willing to drop big $ in the iPad pro relative to the other options out there

  • Croc Ography

    Still not understanding what “PRO” means on the Mac side beside marketing hyperbole.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      PRO means pay $200 extra for what would have been just the regular update. In every country except the US, these things are getting prohibitively expensive and when these things still ship with 16gb….there should be little surprise why ipad sales are falling.

    • Rumble and Sway

      Still bashing this company you !diot? The more things change the more they stay the same.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Hey stupid!

    • Defendor

      What’s it mean anywhere? I have a Samsung Galaxy tab Pro 8.4.

      What does Pro mean there?

      All “Pro” loosely means anywhere, is the high end of the lineup.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    An excuse to jack the price up? Not gonna work in the Canadian economy.

  • Ipse

    Typo: “fall event in 2015” not 2016…yet 🙂