Rogers customers reporting WiFi calling is now enabled on the iPhone

Ian Hardy

February 20, 2016 9:54am

With the release of iOS 9 on September 16th, Rogers promised to launch WiFi calling, which was a long-awaited feature for iPhone users. However, upon updating the new OS, customers were faced with errors when attempting to connect. At the time, Rogers representatives stated to us that the error was affecting “some, not all customers at the moment,” and the carrier was working on a fix.

Today, WiFi Calling seems to be enabled and working well on Apple-purchased devices on the Rogers network, including Fido.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.53.07 AM

The WiFi Calling feature works on iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus and allows users with poor network conditions to place or transition to phone calls over a WiFi signal without losing his connection with the person on the other end. WiFi calling also facilitates text messages.

As a reminder, WiFi Calling is found under Settings/Phone/WiFi Calling, and requires a number of conditions to be satisfied to function.

According to Rogers, WiFi Calling will only work with postpaid consumer accounts that have the following removed from their accounts: Data blocking, Ringback tunes, Advanced Call Manager, Teletypewriter, and Rogers One Number.

  • It’s Me

    Still don’t seem to have enabled VoLTE for 6/6+ which means dropped calls when moving from wifi to cell. Incompetent.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      I’m not familiar with this. Why does it drop the call? Is it only sporadically?

    • It’s Me

      It’s always. Apparently, the way Rogers implemented wifi calling and VoLTE, you can only get soft handoffs if you have both. On 6S/6S+ this works fine because Rogers enabled both. For 6/6S, which supports both, Rogers only enabled wifi calling but not VoLTE so dropped calls when transitioning.

    • Nyk0n

      I get soft handoff when going from Wifi to 3G but not 3G to Wifi that’s on my iPhone 6+

  • MoYeung

    Not that useful

    • Lukeiphone

      Of course it is useful. Wherever you don’t have cell coverage, you can make and receive calls over wifi. Also, you can avoid roaming costs by just connecting to a wifi connection and making a local call here in canada from a different country.

    • MoYeung

      Avoid roaming costs in some situations, yes; but for places without cell coverage, where to find WiFi hotspot? Internet service must be very limited in those areas?

    • Amanda Rose

      not necessarily i was out the other day at an italian club and the basement of the club your reception isnt all that great and some places you lose service so i connected to the wifi and i was still able to make and receive calls

    • FredTrue

      Not if they implemented it the same way they do UMA calling – they geolocate you and charge roaming rates when you are identified as out of country.

    • mobilesugar

      Oh just saw your response! You are right!

    • mobilesugar

      you don’t avoid roaming costs, it just let you use your phone and you are charged the same way as if you were using cell networks while roaming. Rogers One Number would be best while roaming or possibly Roam like Home.

    • Nyk0n

      @lukeiphone:disqus MoYeung meant the handoff from wifi to cell tower and back not working isn’t useful

    • bspence88

      Not that useful? I’m thrilled with this new feature. For example, we don’t get cell service at our family cottage, but we have satellite internet. Now I’ll be able to go up for longer periods of time now that I’ll be able to work and send/receive phone calls while at the lake. There are countless situations where this is useful.

    • MoYeung

      cottage, lake, satellite internet… sure, come visit us at Toronto or Vancouver sometime

    • bspence88

      Yeah, how about my friends who live in basement suits. They don’t get any cell reception but they have Internet. Not useful? You’ve got to be joking.

    • MoYeung

      Basement suits? Sure, home phone.

  • Lukeiphone

    What if your device was purchased through a different carrier and then unlocked by them, for example Bell. Will wifi calling work here on Rogers?

    • Mike

      Yes, it will still work with unlocked iPhones. It has nothing to do with the lock profile, and everything to do with the carrier settings package.

  • taguntumi

    It’s been working on my Rogers phone for months…

  • exaro

    Still not working for me; Fido network and Apple purchased iPhone 5S. Was there a carrier update associated with this? Haven’t seen one on my unit. Post paid account and none of those other problematic options apply.

    • Dylan Neild

      This looks like it was server side – didn’t work for me yesterday and magically started working today. No updates to my 6S.

  • Dylan Neild

    Ugh. I’ve been using this on my iPhone 6 for about 4 months and when I upgraded to a 6s last week it just stopped working (error enabling: contact your carrier). Multiple Rogers CSR’s just swore up and down that it should work fine. Never a single mention that there was a potential widespread problem! Magically it just works today finally.

    • exaro

      Many calls and long holds with Fido and Rogers tech back in Oct; told the problem was because I bought the iPhone 5S from Apple directly (unlocked) and hence WIFI calling definitely could not be enabled. Once a week I get a robot call from Rogers tech saying the ticket is open and they’ll call when resolved. Others seem to be getting a version upgrade to 23.2 that fixes it – I’m not.

  • heynow00

    Does it automatically kick in the WiFi if you are connected to WiFi with low cell signal?

    If you have to turn it on when you need it then why not just use Rogers One number?

    • taguntumi

      Yes. Setup and then I’ve never thought about it again. It says ‘Rogers wi-Fi’ in the status bar and that’s it.

  • John

    If you use Wifi calling, does that count towards your plan’s minutes?

    • Lukeiphone

      Yes it does. Only thing is that instead of using cell towers, it routes data through wifi.

    • Eddie_Brock

      Yes it does. Only thing is that instead of using Rogers Infrastructure which you pay for with your monthly plan, it routes your data through someone else’s network.


  • Goulz

    Purchased an iPhone 6s from the Apple Store, yesterday. Tried to activate it and was told by the Rogers Rep online that the feature would only work on Rogers-bought phones.

  • Ken Simpson

    This is seriously the most unreliable service I have ever experienced. Wifi calling works maybe 40% of the time, with apparent random availability.