Virgin to release new holiday plan and several add-ons November 7th

Ian Hardy

November 5, 2012 8:00pm

Majority of the handsets for the busy holiday season have been already been announced by the carriers. Most have been presented with the always familiar/frustrating “coming soon” label. What’s left now is for them to reveal their holiday promo plans.

Today, we present you the cards Virgin Mobile will be laying down – basically a new $30/month Text + Voicemail/Call Display plan, plus several add-ons. According to the internal doc we received it states that customers should “hold on to your candy canes, cause Virgin Mobile is about to jingle your bells!” Nice. Virgin is the only carrier that can get away with saying a line like that. The plans will start on November 7th and will be in place “until stores close” on December 31st.

$30 Text + Voicemail/Call Display:
– 150 Anytime Minutes
– Unlimited Weekends & Evenings at 5pm
– Unlimited Canada, US and International Text & Pic Messaging
– Voicemail 10 & Call Display
– Does not include Canada-Wide Calling

New data add-on promo:
– Members (subscribers) who sign up for a $15 and above data add-on on any Choice Plan will score 50% off for 3 months.

New data add-ons:
500MB for $15 on Choice Plans (Additional data is $10/GB and not available for BlackBerry)
Bundle $15 on Combo Plans (includes Voicemail,Call Display, Early Evenings from 5pm and 10 hours of MobileTV)
Visual Voice Bundle for Choice & Combo Plans ($8/month Members get our Visual Voicemail for iPhone or BlackBerry, Android is apparently coming soon)
Anytime Minutes for Choice & Combo Plans: (100 Anytime Minutes for $10/mo, or 300 Anytime Minutes for $25/month)

We’ll perhaps see some more coming down the pipe as other carriers announce their plans. For now, that’s what Virgin has in store.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • Vengefulspirit99

    data is horrid… The 30 dollar plan looks nice… If only they offered good data addons…

    • BadPlans

      Its evident that for this season ROBELUS wants to put you in the $73 voice and data or in the $35 voice-plan +$30 (at least for data)

      Are we to believe that the laughable $10 for 100MB-plan is gone, and now we have the pathetic $15 for 500MB-plan??
      Add $10 more and you get 1.5GB for $25 ???

      Is EVIDENT that in the brilliant minds of their marketing departments, people will think that a $35 plan plus a $35 Data plan is Cheaper than the $55 from three months ago that offered you the same or more!
      This guys are really going for the $73 ARPU!

    • BadPlans

      Keep your “New” holiday plans and add-ons.

      -Give us 2yr contracts MAX!

  • Its True

    in before everyone complains about plans

  • Mike

    I’m not a heavy user, what I want in a plan is:

    100 Canada Wide Minutes
    7pm Evening and weekends
    Unlimited Messaging
    Call Display/Voicemail
    1Gb Data

    For $30.00… Is this unreasonable ?

    • Nick


    • Jeremy

      Best 30$ plan I’ve seen so far is from Koodo: 75 minutes, 7pm Evenings & Weekends, Unlimited messaging, Call Display & VM, Canada-Wide Calling and 100MB data.

    • Wilbour

      My thoughts exactly

  • superfly

    Kinda getting sick of all these promo plans. Just have a consistent reasonable voice/data plan with VM + cid included year round. Use the hardware to drive adoption.

    • Anonymous

      I am with you brother!

    • BadPlans

      Their Assumptions:
      -They hope you will go over the 150 minutes
      -They hope that you go over data
      -Most Their phones are around $500, they hope you go 3yr on them!

      The Reality:
      -With the new N4 you will be able to plan-hop from operator to operator, looking for the best plan. Just sign month to month!
      -They won’t keep you locked with the hardware (phone/tablet) anymore!

  • Aaron

    Does this mean they’ll be replacing their current promo plans?

    I was hoping to sign up for either of their $30/$45 plans that come with CID & Data after I got a Nexus 4.

    If these go up on the 7th, and will replace those other promo plans, I guess I’ll have to sign up tomorrow.

    • BadPlans

      1-Get the N4
      2-If you are on an ok plan simply stay put until January
      3-If you don’t have a plan get the best plan you can sign ON A MONTH TO MONTH basis
      4-Wait for overators to face the wall and release the REAL GOOD PLANS!, remember: they are still in 2008 selling S#$%ty plans subsidizing the phones!
      5-This holidays are the last ones that are going to be “the same” after them the N4 will create a crowd of people with phone in hand looking for the best plan going from operator to operator; this will make plans to drop in Q1!

      6-If you live in a Wind Zone and don’t drive around the country or spens too much time out of their zones, Wind at $40 is the way to go!

  • Wind Mobile.


  • Bad Apple

    Holy Micro!??
    Another one! Geezzzzzz…. When, Oh, when these 1diots will learn? Give! Us! Unlimited everything!
    And then some more 🙂

  • Al

    75 minutes (canada wide)
    after 7 + weekend
    Unlimited text/pic + international

    For $30. This was just 2 weeks ago?
    they dropped 100mb for 75 minutes and free after 5? Im not a heavy data user, so 100mb was enough for me. But doesn’t it seem like a step backwards?

  • Plan Shopper

    I’m a new comer to Virgin. I left Rogers after 10 years. I’m contract free!! YAY!

    I was hoping for 1 more round of 6gb for $30. Not this time. I guess I’ll just stick with the Pay-as-you-go data for now.

    • thilan29

      I’m with Virginmobile now too after being with Rogers for 11 years! Couldn’t be happier with the $45/250mb plan which is just about what I need. I think 500mb data and that would be the perfect plan for me. 🙂

    • nik

      same here! left robbers after 10 years because they wont match virgin…they said their network is better and i told them no its not and i left.

    • BadPlans

      Just keep on being month to month and sign a better deal in January- February, MONTH TO MONTH obvoiusly!
      There is force in numbers and there will be thousands like you N4 in hand looking for a plan.

      Hope this is the last holidays when ROBELUS can lock people for 3yrs (Her that CRTC?)

    • Plan Shopper

      I will be taking advantage of the 50% off data for 3 months though. That’s $12.50 for 2gb data. That’s not bad at all. Since the N4 will be my first Android device, and I don’t know the data consumption of an Android as I’ve always had a BB, 3 months will give me a good idea how I use data.


    How about just including Visual Voicemail for phones that support it instead of charging another horseballs fee, you dicks.

  • Scott

    This is almost identical to Koodo’s (non-promo) plan – $30 for 150 minutes, eve/weekends at 5PM, CID/VM. Only difference is Koodo gives you only 50 text messages per month whereas this one is unlimited. So what is the big deal? Pretty lame promo…

  • xyz

    I am waiting to see the Wind offer first 🙂

  • zzZZzz

    For those still asking about the 30/45 plans with data, they are still on for a while.

  • Sunil

    Was hoping for better, nothing new really as they already have this:
    150 Minutes Local Talk
    Unlimited Local Talk Weekends & Evenings from 5pm
    Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging to Canada, U.S. & International
    Voicemail 10 & Call Display
    Pay Per Use Data $15 gets you 300MB

    So they’re throwing 200MB in I guess. I’d still be on the safe side and go with PPUD, if I go over its $20 for a GB. C’mon Virgin, could have done better…

  • Sunil

    ^^^ Sorry forgot the current price of the deal is $30

  • MattyMattMatt

    Get the current 25 with cid/vm and add on text. Less minutes, but they are nationwide and thus, more valuable. I think eve/we is later too, but again, it is nationwide.

  • Albert

    @Jeremy Virgin has that exact same plan. Perks with Virgin is much better too like 25% off H&M almost every month.

  • Claw

    Guys… If you get the $25 Choice plan you get 100 CANADA ANYWHERE calls during the day and unlimited CANADA ANYWHERE calls at night and on weeekends; and $5 extra gets you unlimited talk and text.

    So if you actually call people outside your small catchment, this is a lousy deal as you only get 50 extra minutes, but you won’t be able to use them!

  • Claw

    I meant $5 extra gets you unlimited text (in Canada) Whoops!

  • jack

    this is a holidays plan? that 30 plan is a joke, fido’s regular plans already matches that. virgin wants to jingle your wallet….

  • Phone4me

    I use to love my virgin phone. However, Virgin Canada is now 100% owned by BELL. Ever since they bought them the plans go up and up and you get less and less.

    I have to wonder why they can not have plans here like Virgin US offers.

    For pay as you go, I look at the Speak Out at 7-elevin.

  • Aaron

    I don’t know if this was a mistake or not, but the current add-on prices don’t matchup with these.

    There is 2GB data for $15 right now. So combined with that $30 plan you get:
    150 local minutes
    Unlimited evenings (5pm) & weekends
    Unlimited messaging
    Voicemail and Caller ID

    All that for $45, which sounds like one of the better deals you can get right now.

    • Aaron

      Well, the 2GB for $15 add-on was definitely a mistake and has now been fixed to $25. I wish I signed up yesterday…

  • Bean

    The new Virgin Mobile brochure for plans don’t match these at all. They have barely changed from their last brochures. Some of the add-ons have gotten more expensive, and the minutes are all Canada-wide, not unlike Koodo.