Fido starts selling the Motorola RAZR HD, available only to select customers


  • Wes


    • Wes

      was being sarcastic….

    • Tyrone

      That was kinda funny because it true. They never get phones at the exact time or before them.

    • BadPlans

      I got a text: Im a VIP and I can get a $600 phone for $100 IF I sign a three yr plan min $50 per month; wait!

      OR I can get the N4 for $360 and get the best plan on a month to month basis and doesn’t have to be over $50 per month! On top of that I get the easist/fastest upgrades and highest re-selling value!

    • BadPlans

      Good luck waiting for the ROBELUS software updates …and then the FIDO version!

      you can get TWO N4-8GB phones for the price of that beautiful-almost impossible to udate phone!

    • RIM is dying a brutal one


      Is this finally BB10? Let me know!

      – Dung Behemoth

  • Granpa Simpson

    Signing your life away for a piece of glass and plastic… Wake up, Canadians! Buy your phones unlocked, and rip up those pesky contracts! Don’t let yourself be pushed around!

    Nexus 4 is coming, and hopefully more will follow. Pay attention. Do not be fooled by the Big3.

    • jack

      dumbest comment considering most carriers have already shifted their cancellation policy to where you pay a prorated price for the remainder of the phone value.

      you actually save money by signing that contract.

    • Bri

      You’re so right…
      I am never signing a contract with Rogers AGAIN that FU**ER

    • Henry

      I understand where you are coming from and I understand the beauty of an unlocked phone being able to use around the world.

      The thing is that with contract the phone gets subsidizes and I use the service either way. Personally I do not enjoy contract but then at the same time I haven’t switch my service provider for more than 5 years nor did I moved out of the country. So in my case, signing a contract actually didn’t affect me in a negative way

    • jack

      some people are just too stupid to use logic lol

      @henry +1. i agree, if u aint switching what’s the point in not signing a contract?

    • Acco

      Let’s see… 600 base price, 100 3 year price. 500 bucks. Over the course of 36 months… you “save” 13.90 a month. But, on the other hand, you’re not in any position to negotiate a better deal for 2 of the 3 years. And if you start hating your carrier, you’re still stuck with them.

  • Canuck

    DOA!!! NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!

  • Sean

    Frankly the need to stop having things that show “This phone has wifi, text messaging,3G, Bluetooth, internet browser, camera” i mean seriously those are basics that even knockoffs have

    • BadPlans

      You are right! the only specs that matter are:
      Screen size/weight
      Battery size in mAh
      LTE or Dual Cell HSPA+
      SD Card slot

  • JPM

    Wouldn’t this ensure that you would never get any android update support?

  • williamworlde

    Believe it or not, Fido has the best packages of the Canadian carriers. I know, because I’ve shopped around. Wind may offer better specced out packages, but if you have poor to no reception, then unlimited data is useless! At the other end of the spectrum, Rogers is a huge rip-off. Add to that their dishonest reps who say that Fido use smaller towers than Rogers! I don’t have to explain this.

    I’m still lucky to have my 6GB from 3+ years but I’ve been on month-to-month since my contract ended. Why? As I told their loyalty centre, I have been very disappointed with their “second-class citizen” selection of phones.

    With all the new devices releasing in the next 2-3 weeks, I’m ready to get my first Android device. The blogs say bad things about LG, but the new Nexus IS LG. So, any useful advise/info?

    Any reason to get the “pure” Android LG Nexus over say the LG Optimus G? Besides the rep LG has for not providing fast-enough updates? I’m aware and will take my chances.

    I’ve always been on contract with the various carriers. Any disadvantages to staying month-to-month? (None so far.)


    • Andre

      Disregarding Wind/Mobilicity because most of Canada doesn’t have access to those carriers, Koodo has the best pricing, not Fido. That said, I agree with you that Fido has much better plans than Rogers.

      By “best plan”, I mean unlimited Canada-wide calling. If you don’t do much long-distance within Canada calling, Fido has excellent plans. Again, disregarding Wind/Mobilicity because most of Canada can’t choose them even if they wanted to.

      Subsidized contract pricing is ridiculous, though.

    • Tyrone

      When you’re on month to month you have all the control. If you want to quit your service go ahead you don’t have to pay ETF fees. You don’t have to worry about wanting out 6 months, 1.5 into a three year contract or trying to find somebody to take over your contract.

    • BadPlans

      …And this is the beauty of the N4!!
      Wether is Koodo or Fido I will go to them phone in hand and sign for the best plan…month to month of course!

    • Gary

      I agree. I just got offered this phone and here’s my plan:

      250 Daytime minutes
      Free in network calling (Rogers & Fido)
      Unlimited canada wide long distance
      Unlimited incoming calls
      Unlimited texting globally
      Evenings starting at 5pm
      VM Call Display
      6GB of Data (LTE)

      All for $57/mo

      and I got the Motorola Razr HD for free (Fido Dollars)

      with an early cancellation fee of $12.50. All that for sub $60 on 2 phones? That’s pretty hard to complain about. Go Fido!

  • Tyrone

    Forgot to reply to your comment William

  • Mike

    “Those select customers will reportedly get a text saying they’re the chosen ones and can upgrade”
    Nowhere in the 2 pictures does it say that.

  • williamworlde

    @Andre. Like I said, I’m lucky/”spoiled” because I’ve been able to keep my 6GB for $30. Besides Wind/Mobilicity, not a single other provider is currently offering that; not even Fido. I don’t want to lose it because I tether a lot onsite, and, I don’t have home Internet; tethering suits MY needs. (I’m not streaming TV either; still looking at a minimal amount of TV the “old fashioned” way: HDTV antenna. :-)) I don’t ever come close to using up my 6GB, and I know when I need it I have reliable connectivity.

    Also, I’m spoiled cause I still have CityFido. GTA calling is important to me for friends and clients. If I need to call Canada-wide, US or international, I still use a good old-fashioned call-card. Way cheap! (Of course, no land-line since last millennium!)

    So to clarify: My Fido plan is good ’cause I’m grandfathered; I don’t think new clients are that lucky. That said, taking W/M out of the equation (because of their “limitations”), I do believe Fido has the best packages.

    • jack

      every carrier offers 6GB, u just need to get it from retentions

  • williamworlde

    @Tyrone. So, getting the, say LG Nexus for ~$350, is actually “good”? My 3GS subsidized cost just $199. I know, I know, it’s only $150 difference, but seeing that I’m paying ~$80 a month (= ~$1,000 a year!!!) for phone/Internet, I’d like to save as much as I possibly can for the best service I can possibly have. In other words: I want to have my cake and eat it too.

    I don’t think I’m asking too much, after all Rogers posted 3Q earnings (profits?) of $466M! That’s one quarter. So, if I can lower my $80/mth. bill in any legal way, that’d be great!

    I can see the upsides of staying off contract: The device is mine. I can switch to any provider when I want. I can lock back into a contract if the offer is tempting enough.
    So, thanks.

    • Tyrone

      If that the outright price then yeah. The way I see when I was with Rogers I was the last few people to have a two year contract before they rolled out the “cheaper” 3 year deal.

      You can get your bill lower my guess your referring to rogers you need to haggle or fight really really hard for it cause I know they are cheap. I know somebody back in 2006 who wicked at that with rogers rep got his 120 cellphone bill is under 15 a month.

      At first I thought it was BS but when he showed me an legit 7 page bill (mostly all from calling) majority of the calls said 0.00 all the way down. They recently changed how they do it since they lost a lot of money from people doing this year.

      Also that a good thing you can switch when you want. I use my T-Mobile sim card in my Desire HD.

    • BadPlans

      LOL! You don’t have much money because you pay too MUCH per month, so you have to get a subsidized phone ….see the cycle ROBELUS puts you in??

      This used to work with $500-$600 phones!
      The N4 breaks the model/paradigm! for $360 you get e-freedom!
      -Have you EVER consider that you don’t HAVE to pay $80 or 60 or the minimum $50per monnth??

      $360 for the phone then you sign on any plan you want MONTH TO MONTH or 1yr (There is no reason to sign on a 2yr anymore!)
      You have to change your way of thinking and shop for PLANS, not for Phones!…of keep paying $80 per month.

  • williamworlde

    Oh, one more thing before I sign-off: I very recently spoke to a rep who said that he was told that Fido will be getting “much better devices” in the next couple weeks. I’m not sure how true this is, but this Motorola device, though “old” may be a sign of things to come – to usher in the holidays.

    I may yet have my LG Nexus subsidized, or another hot device!

    • jack

      ya and money grows on trees. if fido were really getting better devices, my dealer rep would have already told us or at least kind of hint at it. and he’s still only talking about the xperia go LOL

  • Montrealer

    One thing everyone should remember: Yes, with the new cancellation policies, you’re only paying the prorated amount of the subsidy of the phone. But getting a subsidy on phone also means taking an agreement, which means that you’re constricted on the TYPE OF PLANS you can have. For example, the 57$ plan that fido came up with (which is amazing) is ONLY offered OFF CONTRACT or on a 2Y agreement, meaning that you CAN’T GET THE IPHONE 5 with that plan. Same goes for this motorolla (except that you can take this phone on a 2y agreement IF you’re willing to pay 400$ at start)

  • Lawrence W

    Oh my, fido, are you kidding? Motorola RAZR HD for $600 without contract after it roll out such months? Do you ever look into the market?

  • Richard

    If you just keep 50k in your bank all the time like me this contract buy out stuff is petty. Wind mobile is for poor people. That said I’m a cheapskate. Virgin Mobile super tab on a plan that is unavailable on Full subsidy for me right now.

  • Luke

    Should I go for a 6gb plan that Bell is offering me(200 minutes, texting, CID, VM, 6GB data) over three years, or should I get an N4 and try to find deals month to month? I don’t feel like I’m going to do any better than what Bell is offering me if I shop around each month…

    • Luke

      For 69$/month

    • jack

      you’re not going to find 6GB on a month to month, so depends on how important that is to you

  • Montrealer

    The 6gb data option is usually only offered on an agreement. You can still get it by taking that agreement, the cancellation fees are only 12.5$ if you didn’t take any phone with the carrier.(depend on your province as well) Sometimes, it’s a great way to get better deals.