Skype for Android updated, photo and video sharing plus improved Tegra 2 performance

Daniel Bader

December 13, 2011 5:01pm

Skype for Android has been out for a while now but it’s taken until now for most of the bugs to get ironed out. Not only did it support only a few devices for video calling at its inception, but the quality was far lower than most users expected coming from a PC or iPhone.

The company, which is now owned by Microsoft, is continuing to deliver on its promise to improve its Android user experience. To wit, it as added video and photo sharing between contacts over 3G of WiFi.

Another big plus is that Tegra 2 devices have seen drastic performance increases, improving battery life and video quality on tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and phones such as the LG Optimus 2X. Device support has been fleshed out, too, with newer phones like the HTC Amaze and Motorola RAZR seeing official video support.

Check out the update in the Android Marketplace.

Source: Skype Blog
Via: TheNextWeb

  • Alex Perrier

    Microsoft’s attempt to compete against Kik, WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM and other similar apps. Fair enough. i’m not a fan of Microsoft, however. 😐

  • Z

    I’ve been wondering for a while – and I’ve reviewed the app too with this comment – as to why Skype needs so many bloody permissions. Why do they need to retrieve running applications and why do they need to modify global system settings? It doesn’t perform any special tasks other than calling contacts, so what does it need the extra stuff for?

  • djino


    This has fixed the video issue on the Galaxy Nexus

  • stephane

    Video calling in portrait mode still does not work on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Mike

    It worked on mine but I had to audio call first and then switch to video

  • g_____

    Does Skype let you exit it when you’re not using it yet?