Fido releases the BlackBerry Curve 9360


  • David

    very exciting. Virgin Mobile is kicking their a*s

  • Beso

    this is just sad …. everyone else is getting higher end BB and Fido gets entry level !!!

  • Justin Credible

    Virgin and Koodo make FIDO look weak these days. Blame Rogers marketing for that.

  • Saffant

    “Your new ‘dated’ smartphone has hit the shelves”


  • Alex Perrier

    Or pay $50 more for a Bold 9790 at Koodo.

    Sign a three years and still pay $30 for this phone? Even Bell (and Virgin), Telus (not Koodo) and Rogers itself all ask for $0 on a three-year! Fido’s about as greedy as a dog can get! Bad Fido!

    Rogers once said that they only wanted the high-paying customers. This is a clear sign.

    Note: Solo and Chatr don’t sell BlackBerries.

    • Dimitri k

      Rogers own Fido Alex. Rogers tells Fido how much to price the phones & which phones they get. This is what happens when Rogers own a Company.. They control Fido.

  • Roberto Infusino

    Well, I told my wife Katie to switch from Fido to Koodo 3 months ago and that’s the best decision ever made. Katie bought her new iPhone 4S, high end phone with city Koodo and she barely uses any data…

    For Fido, they offer low end phones, expensive service compare to other sub-brand! The best part is no activation fee! Fido charges you activation fee unless you sign a 2 year deal with them.

    Fido, you charge me save me $35 but lock me up for 2 years with and with hefty cancellation fees? No thanks!

  • Charles Lee

    Yes.. I told my ex-wife to forget Fido too!

  • anona

    Virgin us also doing $49.99 for the 9360 on ANY talk + Text plan, even the $20/month. And all the plans include unlimited BBM.

    • GV


      So, if you take the phone from Virgin and put $300 on a tab with the $20/month plan, how are you better off than with Fido? After 3 years with the Virgin tab (standard Fido agreement), you’re still left with $228 owing on your Virgin tab, much worse than locking yourself up on a Fido 3 year plan. I know my example is extreme, but even with a $35/month plan, after 3 years, you will still owe $174, where with Fido, you will owe nothing. Remember that after 3 years, you are now paying for a phone you no longer want.

      Moreover, please provide proof of BBM being offered on all Virgin talk and text plans, because I went through their website, and BBM is only mentioned on the $35/month plan, and as limited-time offer at that. Fido offers BBM AND Unlimited personal e-mail as a 10$ add-on their talk and text plans when you purchase the Curve 9360.

      For all the Koodo fans on this site who complain about the Fido’s phone selection, please answer me this question: Name the dual-core Android phone offered by Koodo? Oh right, they don’t have one… Fido, on the other hand, offers the LG Optimus 2x, and has offered it for a few months.

      Remember guys that the Tab is just another way of locking you down. The only way a Tab makes sense is if you have a data plan, with your monthly charges being at least $50/month and over. Otherwise, you are much worse off than taking a contract with Fido.

      Virgin definitely has the edge as far as handset selection, but what good is taking the latest superphone on a talk and text plan, even with commitment-free data, and owe a big amount on the phone by the time you want to get rid of it? I know that in Quebec, it is actually cheaper to simply break the contract and start a new one instead of taking a tab.

      I apologize if I sound belligerent, but reading some of the comments on this site is quite frustrating at times…

    • anona

      $200 on Tab, actually.

      And you aren’t taking into consideration canceling on a contract is $20/m to a max of $400. And it’s no different as if I bought the phone outright. I’m still paying for my plan, the same amount on or off Tab, so why not have that money also go towards my phone?

      Talk to a store rep. BBM is a free add-on that they don’t want advertised.

      I can get you the internal document if you want, Ian knows I’m good for it.

  • Faisal Ali

    Specs are a bit off, the display is not VGA (640 by 480) its actually HVGA (480 by 360)

  • GV


    Thank you for your reply. Correct me if I’m wrong, but at $200 Tab, as per the website, wouldn’t you be paying $149.99 out of pocket, instead of $49.99? Do they have an unpublished special on the phone?

    As far as the cancellation fee, as per Fido’s website, the charge is $10/month up to a max of $300, still high I admit. However, you are also accumulating Fido dollars on the other end, which will help pay for the next phone.

    Assuming that $149.99 from Virgin out of pocket is correct, if I decide I want a new handset after exactly 12 months on a $35/month plan, my overall charges for changing would be:

    Fido (cancellation): $30 (out of pocket) + 24 months remaining x $10= $270
    Virgin (Tab): $149.99 (out of pocket) + ($200 minus $42 of paid of Tab)= $307.99

    I agree with your point that the money is better served going to your phone than paying for a cancellation fee. However, with the example above, in pure dollar terms, I can’t see the advantage of the Tab.

    Again, my intent is not to be belligerent or to troll, and I apologize if I came out that way. I just keep reading about the advantages of the Tab system from both Koodo and Virgin, but I’m having difficulty seeing it.

    PS: Thank you for the info on BBM offered on all plan.

  • Chittral Patel

    I do not recommend this phone to anyone unless your a minimal user. The battery on this device is small and wont last you the full day of use. A lot of people having battery/software issues with this model.

    just a heads up

    • iDonkey

      Well! it last twice as long as BB 9900 or iphone 4s (16 hrs. VS 8 hrs.)so much for Retarted-in-motion and rodden Apple. LMAOTF
      PS. this phone should be on prepaid for like $150 buck.

  • Rich

    thats funny Chittral, cause its rated for having the best battery life amongst all its OS7 brethren. On top of that, it runs an identical OS to 9900 save for the touch integration which improves battery life and reduces the amount of useless battery drain on the backend. Yeah the tab equates to being more than a Fido 3 year, but if fido is asking for 50$ up front, i might aswell double down and go for a Bold 9790 at 100$ (especially during the holidays they’ll cheapen the cost of the device in store to stay competitive with BestBuy and WirelessWave) and get a superior phone to the 9360 in terms of sheer horsepower plus a cheaper tab which would (at 35$ that GV mentioned) after 2 years be 241$. If you’re really gonna nickel and dime a BB between Virgin and Fido, there really is no contest. Only shame I cant trade in my old phone at Virgin like I could at Fido.