CyanogenMOD coming to 10 Sony Ericsson devices

Daniel Bader

September 27, 2011 8:41pm

CyanogenMOD is nothing if not ubiquitous, showing up on the most esoteric devices that may never get into the hands of consumers. The prolific team has taken steps to add CM7 support to ten more devices, including the Rogers Xperia arc and Xperia Play. Several other devices, most of which have been released by Rogers in the past year and a half, are on the list. The team has joined up with FreeXperia, another developer group dedicated to bringing unlocked bootloaders and custom ROMs to Sony Ericsson Android devices.

The complete list of devices is as follows:

– Xperia Arc
– Xperia Neo
– Xperia Mini
– Xperia Mini Pro
– Xperia Play
– Xperia Ray
– Xperia X10
– Xperia X8
– Xperia X10 Mini
– Xperia X10 Mini Pro

No word on when the builds will start rolling out, but hopefully they’ll soon join the rest of the family on the CM7 website.

Source: Android Police

  • iTurds

    I dunno what is this so I wont give my opinion! lol

  • Adam S.

    This morning I saw a ton of Sony devices in the nightly build changelog. Good for them, always good to have more devices on this epic ROM.

  • E

    Amazing how the free community are able to create a vastly better product and put it out faster with consistent updates than the people who are actually paid to do this.

  • adam

    This is excellent news! The x10 keeps getting better as it ages; gingerbread, unlocked bootloader, and now cm 🙂

  • Mark

    How can you have cm7 on Rogers arc when the bootloader cannot be officially unlocked? Has xda uncovered an unlock in recent weeks?

    • wtv

      Yes. Visit XDA.

    • kane


      “Yes. Visit XDA”

      Where? i can’t find it…
      can you please post a link pls??

  • Rich

    Sweet now I can get put a “stable” ROM on my wife’s X10 besides the stock ROM.

  • daguy

    This is great and all, but lately I have felt like the CM team has spread themselves to thin with all of these devices. CM 7.1 has been in development for ages!

    These days their release schedule is as slow as OEM updates. The lastest stable release is still based on android 2.3.3, and it is pretty buggy on both my Nexus One and Nexus S.

    CyanogenMod has lost it’s lustre.

  • Big 3

    aww man Xperia Pro(3.7″) wasnt on the list :-[

  • randomguy

    @daguy: actually, all the nightlies and even the kangs for the Nexus S lately have been stable on mines. Maybe you are running buggy kernels or something. All of these recent releases are already based on 2.3.6, although it’s not much different from 2.3.4. Cyanogenmod is still as great as ever.

  • sukhveer

    xperia arc is a super phone