Kraft Peanut Butter launches AI platform to scan your empty jars for free PB

No more PB FOMO

You scrape the bottom of the jar, hoping to get one last scoop, but all your butter knife does is make patterns at the bottom. We all know that feeling when the peanut butter runs out, and you know you’ll soon need to go on a grocery run.

Kraft, likely the most popular peanut butter brand in Canada, has a solution that will make you never run out of your favourite spread again. Starting now, Kraft Peanut Butter is launching a new AI-supported platform (because why not?) that can scan the pattern at the bottom of your nearly empty jar and send you a free jar of Kraft Peanut Butter on the same day through Skip Express Lane.

All you need to do is visit KraftQjaRCodes.ca and use your mobile device’s camera to scan the pattern at the bottom of any peanut butter jar. You’ll receive a QR code that you can use to complete your transaction and get your free jar delivered to your doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your PB jar, scan the pattern, and get yourself a free new Kraft’s peanut butter jar. As far as gimmicky brand AI projects go, at least this one is somewhat cool.

Image credit: Kraft

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