‘Duck Hunt’ gun used in South Carolina convenience store robbery

No ducking way

South Carolina police have arrested a man after he allegedly robbed a convenience store using a Nintendo light gun accessory, made popular by the NES’s Duck Hunt game released back in 1984.

As announced by deputies from York County, the 25-year-old suspect (who would have been born 14 years or so after Duck Hunt released) was able to get away with $300 in cash after disguising himself in a wig, mask, hooded sweatshirt and of course, the iconic Nintendo Zapper.

It was reported that the man waved the prop gun while demanding cash from the store’s clerk. He was later found by the authorities down the street with the toy gun stuffed into his pants.

The Nintendo Zapper is known for its bright orange and grey colour, but in a savvy veteran criminal move, the suspect spraypainted it black to better represent a traditional firearm, even if it looks nothing like one. A photo of the weapon was released by the authorities and can be seen below.

Although goofy in hindsight, using fake weapons to commit real crimes is far from funny and has been attempted multiple times in the past.

Further, many parts of the United States hand out charges with similar consequences to those of robberies conducted with legitimate weapons as those with props.

Even if the headline makes you snicker like Duck Hunt Dog, let’s all agree that Nintendo Zappers should be used for video game purposes only going forward… anyone for a game of Gumshoe?

Image credit: Nintendo

Source: York County Sherrif’s Office Via: Engadget