Virgin Plus joins Fido, Koodo in raising some plan prices by $2

Another day, another price increase

Virgin Plus logo on an iPhone

Bell flanker brand Virgin Plus joined Koodo and Fido in increasing the prices of select plans.

Koodo and Fido raised the prices of their unlimited talk and text plan, 15GB plan and 20GB plan by $2 earlier this week. Now Virgin has matched the prices.

Virgin now charges $62/mo for its 15GB plan and $67/mo for its 20GB plan. It also charges $35/mo for the unlimited talk and text plan, though it’s worth noting that Virgin previously increased that plan from $33 to $34 – now it’s up another $1 to match Koodo and Fido. (It’s also important to note that Fido’s plans are actually $5 more than comparable plans at Koodo and Virgin because it offers a $5 auto-pay discount.)

Virgin Plus plan prices as of April 13th, 2023

As we previously detailed in our reporting on the Fido and Koodo price increases, these changes are particularly frustrating, coming after a period of relatively decent deals. Earlier this month, Virgin, Fido and Koodo offered double data deals and a $10/mo credit that, combined, could net customers $55/mo 30GB and $50/mo 20GB plans. Moreover, during Black Friday, Canadians could get a $45/50GB plan from the three providers.

Worse, the cost of unlimited talk and text plans has steadily increased over the last year or so – unlimited talk and text cost $30/mo in January 2022 and briefly cost $27/mo in August 2022, thanks to a promotion. Particularly egregious is the high cost of pay-per-use data on these plans – Virgin charges $20 per gigabyte up to 8GB and then $0.02 per megabyte after (which works out to about $20/GB anyway). Virgin increased its data overage rate last month.

Thankfully there are better offers out there for talk and text. Several other providers, including Lucky Mobile, Public Mobile, Chatr Mobile and Freedom Mobile, offer plans with unlimited talk and text for around $25/mo. Most of these also include about 1GB of data, making them even better value than the talk and text options available at Virgin, Fido and Koodo.

Source: Virgin Plus