Fido increased some plan prices by $2/mo

Fido now charges $40/mo for its talk and text plan

Rogers flanker Fido joined Telus’ Koodo in increasing several of its plans by $2/mo.

Like Koodo, Fido now charges more for its 15GB and 20GB  plans, as well as its unlimited talk and text plan. However, unlike Koodo, Fido offers a $5/mo automatic payments discount and inflates the cost of its plans so that you pay the same as other providers when you use the discount. That means the 15GB plan costs $67/mo at Fido and $62/mo with the auto-pay discount — Koodo just charges $62 for its version of the plan and doesn’t offer an auto-pay discount.

Similarly, Fido charges $72/mo for the 20GB plan or $67/mo with auto-pay. As for the unlimited talk and text plan, Fido charges an absurd $40/mo for the plan ($35/mo with auto-pay).

Fido increased the cost of some plans as of April 12th, 2023

It’s worth noting that the unlimited talk and text plans cost $30/mo in January 2022 and $27/mo in August 2022, thanks to a promotion. Since then, the cost of unlimited talk and text has steadily increased, though Canadians can still get similar plans for about $25/mo at other providers. Bell’s Virgin Plus kicked off this round of unlimited talk and text price increases by upping its plan by $1/mo to $34, but Koodo and Fido have gone further.

This latest round of price increases at the flanker brands will be particularly frustrating, coming after a period of relatively decent deals. Just last week, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus wrapped up double data and $10/mo credit offers that, combined, allowed Canadians to get $55/mo 30GB and $50/mo 20GB plans. Before that, Canadians could get $45/mo 50GB plans from the providers during Black Friday.

Though it likely goes without saying, you should probably hold off on getting a new phone or plan for now. Wait for the next deal because these newly increased prices frankly aren’t worth your money. In other rate hike-related news, Koodo recently increased the cost of several plan prices by $2.

Source: Fido