Google Drive’s new file creation limit caps users regardless of storage

Google Drive's hidden creation cap has some users worried about their file limits

Update 04/04/2023: Google Drive has since launched a system update removing the creation file limit. 

The original story is below:

If you know anything about cloud storage, odds are you’re aware of Google Drive.

Google Drive is one of the top cloud storage services on the market, allowing every account holder up to 15GB of online storage space free of charge. If that wasn’t enough, users can also pay into Google One, which launched in Canada in November 2018, for larger plans to fit their specific storage needs.

However, a new discovery in February of this year requires users to remove their files from Google Drive if they happen to reach a certain limit.

It turns out the cloud storage app does have a cap, and it’s set at a whopping 5 million files.

The discovery has been revealed by different sources in the past few months, including by several Reddit users.

User u/ra13 posted to the site regarding several Google Drive users being met with an error message reading “Upload Failed” when attempting to create inside of the drive.

Additionally, an error message for users over the 5 million file limit has reportedly begun to circulate reading.

It reads, “This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the bin and delete them forever.”

Google Issue Tracker has also been receiving reports from users looking for solutions to the error message.

The file limit has been confirmed as a function of Google Drive, rather than a system bug after Ars Technica spoke with a Google spokesperson.

Despite there being no prior mention of the file limit in official documentation, Google is no stranger to file limits, as seen by Google Workspace‘s 400,000 Shared Drive item cap.

Regardless of a prior warning notice, Google Drive users are now aware that if they require more than 5 million created files, they will have to go elsewhere for their cloud storage needs.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police