Android will prompt users to update an app when it crashes

The prompt will appear after an app crashes if there's an update available for that app

It’s never a fun time when an app crashes on your smartphone, especially if you can’t figure out what’s causing the problem. Well, Android may soon offer a solution when an app crashes.

The November 2022 Play Store system update changelog includes details about a new feature that will “help users to resolve app crashes with new update prompts.” Mishaal Rahman, a senior technical editor at Esper, tweeted details about the feature as well, noting that the Play Store will be able to send prompts to users to update an app if it crashes. The prompt would only surface if an update were available.

Moreover, it appears users will be able to update the app right from the prompt or offer a Play Store link to update the app later. That would be especially helpful if users encounter a crash when they’re away from a solid internet connection.

Overall, it seems like a small but handy update that should help people resolve issues with apps on their Android smartphone. Ideally, users wouldn’t have to deal with app crashes at all, but having Android automatically surface potential solutions is a good alternative.

The feature is part of Google Play Store version 33.2, which was updated on November 15th.

Source: November 2022 Play Store system update, @MishaalRahman Via: Android Police