Interac says services are ‘fully available’ now that Rogers is back online

Interac also said it plans to add a new supplier to strengthen network redundancy

Interac says its services are “fully available” now that Rogers has restored connectivity.

In a statement shared via the Interac Twitter account, the company apologized for the inconvenience caused by the Rogers outage and directed people with questions about specific e-Transfer or Interac Debit transactions to contact their financial institution.

Interac also said it would add a supplier “to strengthen our existing network redundancy so Canadians can continue to rely on Interac daily.”

It’s not clear which supplier Interac plans to add, but any expansion of redundancy would be beneficial. Frankly, it’s shocking Interac didn’t already have a redundancy system in place to specifically avoid something like this. Telecom networks aren’t perfect and go down all the time — although this Rogers outage was admittedly more extreme than the typical telecom outage.

Interac was far from the only company impacted by the day-long outage. Several government services were impacted, and the outage disrupted concerts and other entertainment too.

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