Watch Dogs is getting an official manga set in Tokyo

The Watch Dogs will be working against the evil Bloom organization

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is getting an official manga set in Tokyo. The manga will launch on April 12th and is called Watch Dogs Tokyo.

The series features the Bloom corporation from the Watch Dogs that’s made it to Tokyo.

Manga Mogura RE that spotted the new series shared the synopsis of the new manga.

“It will be about a special new infrastructure system from a company called Bloom Japan used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to change people’s lives. However this new system does in fact also harbour a great darkness.”

It’s unclear if there will be an English version of the manga. However, it’s worth noting that a lot of manga are then turned into anime, and a Watch Dogs anime set in Tokyo would be pretty cool to see one day.

Source: Manga Mogura RE, Games Radar