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Apple launches new Fitness+ program for new parents

This follows last year's workouts for pregnant people

To expand on its growing Fitness+ program, Apple’s team has developed a new regime to help new moms.

This follows last year’s Apple fitness+ workout for pregnant users and brings that chapter full circle. There are seven classes in the program, including two core workouts, three strength routines and two mindful cooldowns.

Since Apple Fitness+ trainer Betina recently had a baby, she leads these classes, but there will be two other trainers who are also moms backing her up to help users see easier and harder variations of each workout. These are ideal for helping new moms start slowly and work their way by using the same postpartum exercises daily.

The Fitness+ team and the Apple Health clinical team worked closely on this program since working out after childbirth needs more targeted activities to address specific post-pregnancy complications. This includes pelvic floor and kegel exercises and working on single-sided movements to help regain balance.

The way that these teams work together is interesting as well. The doctors on the clinical teams are able to help address the issues women typically have after birth, and then the Fitness+ team breaks it down into more of a story/workout, kind of like a journalist to some extent.

Most users should start with the first episode on the Fitness+ playlist, but they’re more freeform after that. Each episode also begins with a line about asking your doctor if you’re ready to start being more active again.

Apple Fitness+ costs $13 per month or $100 a year and includes a variety of fitness classes ranging from walking, running, strength, rowing and more. You can read more about Apple Fitness+ here.