Google shares new features coming with Android 12 Go Edition next year

Android 12 Go will sport performance improvements, new translation features and more

Google announced Android 12 Go Edition, an update to the company’s operating system for low-cost phones, via a blog post on Tuesday. Along with the announcement, Google noted several features coming with the update when it rolls out next year.

First and foremost is a significant performance improvement. Google says that Android 12 Go will launch apps up to 30 percent faster and with smoother animations. Additionally, the search giant added the ‘SplashScreen API,’ which will let developers add splash screens to their apps similar to regular Android 12.

Android 12 Go also includes a new feature that can help improve battery life and reclaim storage for users by “hibernating” apps that people haven’t used in a long time. Additionally, the new Go Edition includes intelligent features, like a built-in ability to listen to or translate on-screen content right from the recent apps menu.

Another neat new feature is app sharing through Nearby Share. It sounds a lot like this will allow users to leverage the ‘Nearby Share’ feature to send apps to other Android 12 Go users, which could be a great feature for users who don’t have reliable access to Wi-Fi or data.

Speaking of sharing, Android 12 Go includes a simplified guest experience and profiles so people can easily share devices with other people.

Finally, Android 12 Go includes privacy features, including the new ‘Privacy dashboard’ and the microphone and camera indicators available in Android 12. Android 12 Go includes the new approximate location permission too.

Overall, Android 12 Go looks like a really nice improvement. If it really does bring as significant performance upgrades as Google says, this could revitalize some sluggish Android 11 Go devices.

Android 12 Go will launch in 2022 — you can learn more about Android Go Edition here.

Source: Google Via: Engadget