The PS5 has a new system update, but it doesn’t do much

We did get that big update in September, though, so it makes sense

If you noticed that your PS5 has a new system update, you should know that it doesn’t include much in the way of changes.

Per the official PlayStation site, update version: 21.02-04.03.00 simply “improves system performance.” It’s unclear exactly what improvements were made in the patch.

However, it’s not exactly surprising that this is a light update; the console received a substantial one in September. That update added long-awaited M.2 SSD support, expanded 3D audio functionality for TV speakers and more.

With only one month left in the year, it’s unlikely that we’ll get any major new PS5 system updates. That said, we will undoubtedly soon learn about new games coming to the PS5. This year’s Game Awards, where dozens of upcoming games are expected to be featured, will be held on Thursday, December 9th.

You can read more about the nominees here.

Source: PlayStation