Samsung mocks Apple’s premium ‘Polishing Cloth,’ offers free one of its own

"Samsung is once again building on the rivalry with [its] Major Competitor"

Last month, Apple was mocked for its new $25 ‘Polishing Cloth,’ a cleaning accessory that is significantly more expensive than those from other brands. The company introduced it alongside the iPhone 13 series.

Now, Samsung is also making fun of the iPhone maker. Per the German site Galaxy Club, Samsung has been emailing Samsung’s Members app users to tell them they can get their own cloth at no additional cost. The catch is that there are only 1,000 cloths up for grabs.

While the German-exclusive promotion is limited in both quantity and reach, it does include a jab at Apple. Here is the message, as translated from Dutch:

With this promotion, Samsung is once again building on the rivalry with Major Competitor (capital letters via the marketing department) Apple. The latter caused a stir at a recent event with the launch of a polishing cloth for your iPhone. Price tag €25 [about $36 CAD]. Apple’s cloth measures 16 by 16 centimeters, so purely on specifications, Samsung’s free cloth wins the comparison. It’s over 50% bigger – and €25 cheaper.

As it stands, it’s unclear whether Samsung will offer a similar promotion anywhere else, including Canada. Still, it’s an amusing way to call out Apple.

Via: iMore