Apple’s backordered Polishing Cloth gets iFixit teardown

It received a 0/10 repairability score 😅

Apple’s recently-launched, very pricey $25 Polishing Cloth has just received the iFixit treatment.

How is it different from its regular teardowns? Well, to start, you don’t have to take this one seriously.

The polishing cloth received a repairability score of 0/10, so of course, we had to cover it. Apple’s Polishing Cloth, in essence, is a regular microfiber cloth with the Apple logo etched onto it. “Made with soft, non-abrasive material, the Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively,” reads the cloth’s description on Apple’s website.

The teardown of the cloth was part of a broader MacBook Pro teardown.

The teardown revealed that the Polishing cloth, when seen under a microscope, features several Miniscule fibres intricately woven together. The Polishing Cloth is “not just a tool for cleaning, but an object of beauty worthy of being cleaned itself,” reads the sarcastic-toned teardown. “Amidst the beauty, a thin line delicately traces the form of mankind’s foundational fruit: an apple.”

iFixit discovered that one Polishing Cloth is actually two Polishing Cloths glued together. On its repairability scale, it rated the Apple Polishing Cloth as 0/10 for “distracting us from a very important MacBook Pro teardown and not going back together after we cut it into pieces with scissors.”

Interestingly enough, the Polishing Cloth is Apple’s only product that doesn’t use a semiconductor, and funnily enough, it’s Apple’s only product that says delivery in “10-12 weeks.”

Image credit: iFixit

Source: iFixit