Mario Golf: Super Rush update adds New Donk City, Toadette and ranked matches

Ranked matches seem like they'll be divided between 'Standard' and 'Speed Golf'

Mario Golf Super Rush

Despite only releasing a few weeks ago, Nintendo has already dropped a free update for Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Switch.

The new content pack includes a new course based on the city from Super Mario Odyssey, New Donk City, Toadette as a new playable character and ranked matches.

Based on screenshots Nintendo has released regarding the update, it looks like there will be different ranks related to ‘Standard’ and ‘Speed Golf,’ as well as whether you’re using button or motion controls. The update is set to be available later today, August 5th.

As far as golf games — especially Mario Golf titles — go, Super Rush is one of the best released in the last few years. There’s a deceptive level of depth to Camelot’s latest golfing epic, and it’s great to see an update for the game already being released.

Nintendo says that more updates are coming to Mario Golf: Super Rush “later this year.”

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