Koodo offering $70 30GB plan to some customers

This is one of the best deals we've seen in some time


It’s rare that a carrier deal actually catches my attention.

This afternoon, an interesting email from Koodo appeared in my inbox, offering a plan that costs $70 a month for 30GB of data. All I needed to do to change my plan was to click through to a link provided by the carrier and select the new, more cost-effective option through Koodo’s self-serve portal.

For context, I’m currently paying $70 for 15GB of data from Koodo, so upgrading to a plan with double the data for the same price was a pretty easy decision for me.

Along with 30GB of “Shock-Free data at 4G LTE speed,” the plan includes unlimited minutes, Call Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling and unlimited international messaging (text and picture).

Included in the email is also an offer to switch to Koodo’s parent company Telus for a 30GB $75 plan. This particular deal includes a specific promo code and an online validation code.

As with most deals like this, it’s likely Koodo is only offering this deal to select customers. Make sure to check your email inbox and your Koodo account to see if you have a similar deal.