Apple drops new international Watch Band collection

Representing 22 nations around the world, including Canada

Apple has unveiled a new set of Apple Watch Sport Loop Bands in 22 different colours, each representing a different country, as well as special Apple Watch faces for each of those nations.

According to Apple, these limited-edition watch bands are meant to “celebrate the describable drive and competitive spirit of all athletes and fans.” 

The bands are available in 40 and 44mm sizes for $59 CAD. They feature a breathable and easy-to-adjust design that is made of nylon along with App Clip functionality to download matching Stripes Apple Watch Face.

See below for all the nations that are represented:

It’s worth noting that the Stripes watch face is available on Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch SE and later. Scroll down for images of all the new bands:

Image credit: Apple

Source: Apple