Bell, Telus and Rogers offering iPhone 12 for $13 or less per month

The offer requires a 24-month financing plan and the device return option -- Telus' offer works out to be the cheapest

iPhone 12

Bell, Telus and Rogers have all tweaked the pricing of their iPhone 12 slightly, bringing the cost down to about $13 per month or less.

As with so many “deals” from the Big Three, there’s a lot of unnecessary complexity going on, so we’ve taken the time to break down the pricing for you. Spoiler: Telus works out to be the cheapest option.

Bell iPhone 12 – $12.70 per month

Currently, Bell has the 64GB iPhone 12 available for $0 down and $12.70 per month financing over 24 months with the company’s ‘Device Return Option.’ Device Return means customers agree to bring back the phone at the end of the 24-month financing term or pay a fee to keep it. That fee is $540, according to the Bell website.

$12.70 over 24 months works out to $304.80 total. When combined with the $540 Device Return fee, that’s $844.80 total, a fair bit cheaper than the $1,164 “full price” listed by Bell and the $1,129 price Apple charges for the iPhone 12.

For those not interested in using Bell’s Device Return Option, the monthly financing price jumps to $35.20 per month. However, over 24 months, it still works out to $844.80.

It’s also worth noting Bell recently promoted a deal that knocked the iPhone 12 to less than $1 per month financing. That offer relied on trading in an old device worth about $360. At the time, Bell charged $15.83 per month financing for the iPhone 12 with the same $540 Device Return Option.

Although Bell didn’t specifically mention it, you can likely still trade in a phone to further reduce the new $12.70 financing cost — Bell has a trade-in value checking tool available here.

You can check out the Bell offer here.

Telus iPhone 12 – $12.71 per month

Telus’ offer works out to be almost the same as Bell’s version. The 64GB iPhone 12 costs $0 upfront and $12.71 per month on device financing with ‘Bring-It-Back,’ Telus’ variant of the device return option. It’s worth noting, however, that Telus has a lower Bring-It-Back fee of $380, but lists a repayment amount of $305.

In total, $12.71 per month for 24 months works out to $305.04 and, with the Bring-it-Back repayment fee, the total cost is $610.04.

According to Telus’ price breakdown, the phone costs $1,160 outright (slightly more than the $1,129 actual price for the iPhone 12). Telus also has a “Bring-It-Back Bonus” that reduces the price by $160, a $315 promotional discount and the Bring-It-Back discount of $380 for a total discount of $855. When you add in the total $305 financing cost, you get the total $1,160 listed price.

However, as mentioned above, Telus charges $305 for the Bring-It-Back repayment instead, so customers really only pay a total of $610.04. If you’re interested in trying to reduce that with a trade-in, Telus offers an online trade-in value estimate here.

Unfortunately for those not interested in the Bring-It-Back program, Telus charges $35.21 per month device financing, which totals to $845.04 over two years. In other words, it’s cheaper to do the Bring-It-Back option.

You can check out the Telus offer here.

Rogers iPhone 12 – $13 per month

Finally, Rogers has the 64GB iPhone 12 available for a reduced monthly financing fee, although it’s slightly more than Bell and Telus. Rogers’ financing comes in at $13 per month after the bill credit with Upfront Edge, Rogers’ take on device return.

Like Bell, Rogers’ Upfront Edge reduces the iPhone 12 cost by $540. $13 per month over 24 months works out to $312, added to the $540 Upfront Edge cost works out to $852 total you’ll pay for the iPhone 12 from Rogers, making it the most expensive option.

Still, $852 is cheaper than the full $1,164 price Rogers lists on its website and cheaper than buying the iPhone 12 from Apple for $1,129.

Rogers is still promoting its $1 per month iPhone 12 offer that requires a trade-in. You can read more about that offer here. It’s worth noting that when Rogers first offered the trade-in deal, it charged $16 per month financing for the iPhone 12. Rogers also offers an online tool that estimates the value of a trade-in device.

You can learn more about the Rogers offer here.