Rogers offering iPhone 12 for $1/month financing with trade-in

Rogers based the deal on trading in an iPhone XS or XR, which should net you a $360 credit

If you’ve got an older iPhone kicking around and want to get a new iPhone 12, Rogers has a deal on that will let you pick one up for just $1 per month with a trade-in.

According to the promotions page on Rogers’ website, the deal is only available in-store. It also specifically mentions trading in an iPhone XS or XR, so the discount may vary if you’ve got another old iPhone. If you do have a XS or XR, you’ll get a $360 trade-in credit from Rogers. Then, customers need to get a 64GB iPhone 12 on Roger’s device financing with ‘Upfront Edge,’ the carrier’s device return program. Upfront Edge will reduce the monthly financing cost of a phone if customers agree to return the device at the end of their two-year financing term (or pay a fee to keep it at that time).

Rogers’ website says Upfront Edge nets you another $780 credit over 24 months. When combined with the $360 trade-in credit, that brings you to a total of $1,140, $24 shy of Rogers’ listed $1,164 price for the iPhone 12. That last $24 is paid by the $1 per month financing fee for, you guessed it, 24 months. The deal also gets you pretty close to the $1,129 price Apple charges for the 64GB iPhone 12.

For those not interested in trading in a device, Rogers is offering a $10 monthly discount promotion on the iPhone 12 at the moment. In short, if you get the iPhone 12 64GB on device financing, the carrier will knock $10 off the monthly financing price. If you go with the Upfront Edge option, you’ll pay $16 per month financing. If you don’t do Upfront Edge, you’ll pay $38.50 per month in financing.

It’s also worth noting that the financing costs are on top of the cost of any plan you get (and you will need to get a plan to take advantage of the deal). Rogers’ plans currently start at $80 per month for new customers or those upgrading their phones.

Overall, the offer isn’t bad, and if you’ve been thinking about picking up one of those fancy new purple iPhone 12s, this is a great opportunity to do it.

You can view the deal here.

Update 05/28/2021 at 11:28am: Rogers has an online trade-in tool you can use to calculate an estimated worth for your device. Although Rogers advertises the deal with an iPhone XS or XR, you should be able to get the same result with any phone worth $360 as a trade-in. Further, Bell is offering a similar deal if you’re not a fan of Rogers.