iOS 14.6 users complain about iPhone battery drain and overheating

It's unclear what the source of the issue is

iPhone 12 Pro

The other night I dropped my iPhone 12 Pro Max on my Nomad Base Station Pro charger only to find that in the morning, it only charged to roughly 66 percent.

Though I passed this off as me likely just not placing the smartphone in the charging pad properly (as I often do), it appears this could be part of a larger issue. It seems at least some iPhone users are experiencing battery drain and heat issues following the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 14.6.

Notable Apple YouTuber iAppleBytes highlighted the issue last week, but there are also reports on Apple’s official Support Forums, Reddit and other Apple communities. It’s unclear what’s causing this issue, with some users suggesting the problem is linked to AirTags or background app usage from the Podcasts app.

As is typical with Apple, the tech giant will likely release a fix for the problem relatively quickly. Have you experienced any charging/heat issues with your iPhone following the iOS 14.6 update? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: iMore Source: iAppleBytes, Apple Support Forums, Reddit