Koodo offering some customers $60 for 20GB with phone upgrade

The plan is being offered via text

Koodo is sending some customers an offer for $60 for 20GB if they upgrade to a new device.

I recently received a text from the Telus sub-carrier that offered 20GB per month for $60 when you upgrade to a new phone with the Tab.

Koodo deal screenshot

To accept the deal, I’d have to contact Koodo or head to the ‘Self Serve’ section of the company’s website.

This promotion is only available for a limited time.

If you’re with Koodo and didn’t receive this text, it’s possible you have ‘Koodo offers’ turned off. You can activate them by heading to the carrier’s website and changing your profile settings.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new device, this is an excellent deal and something I’d highly recommend. For those who didn’t receive this text and want to upgrade, it’s worth calling the carrier and see what they can work out for you, or head to the ‘Self Serve’ section as the plan might be waiting for you there.