Clubhouse is now available on Android in Canada

You still need an invite to actually use the app

After announcing last week that Clubhouse was finally coming to Android, the drop-in group voice chat app is now releasing in the Canadian Google Play Store.

That said, you still need to be invited by someone that’s already using Clubhouse to access the platform. Since its launch last year, Clubhouse has been iOS exclusive, so this new Android Android version of the platform has been a long time coming.

If you’re unclear about what Clubhouse is, it features audio chat rooms that users can host and that anyone can join. Think of it as a cross between live podcasting, Ted Talks and the randomness of Twitter. If you want to learn more about Clubhouse, check out our explainer.

While the premise may seem like a smart way to hear from your favourite creators or learn new things, the platform has experienced problems with content moderation.

You can download the Android version of Clubhouse from the Google Play Store.