Instagram testing manual toggle of public ‘like’ counts

For the past two years, users have had their likes hidden publicly regardless of whether they wanted to.

Instagram has started testing a feature that gives users more control over the display of “likes” on public posts.

This will come in the form of a “small global test” that contains three options: turning off likes for your own posts, turning off likes for everyone’s posts or leaving likes as is.

For the past two years, Instagram has been testing a feature among some users that automatically hides likes without giving users any option to turn it on or off. Users can only see the like counts for their own individual posts. However, a list of people who have liked posts — including those you follow — remains available.

Additionally, Instagram parent Facebook will also soon run a version of this likes test as part of plans to bring a “similar” experience to its main platform.

The company says it plans to share more “soon” on its findings from these tests.

Via: The Verge