Fido offering online-only 2GB data bonus to new customers

The bonus works with Fido's current deals, which means you can get a $50/12GB plan

At the end of February, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Mobile all rolled out bonus data on their plans, offering some pretty decent deals like $50 per month for 10GB of data. Now, Fido’s sweetening the offer with another 2GB bonus.

For a “limited time,” Fido will add 2GB of data to select plans when a new customer completes an activation. The deal is available for both bring-your-own-device (BYOD) customers and those who want to get a phone from Fido.

Further, the Rogers flanker brand notes on its website that the 2GB bonus is available on plans like the $50/10GB promotion, which means users can get up to 12GB of data for just $50 per month.

To get the 2GB bonus, simply head to Fido’s website and select a plan. You should see a pop-up letting you know the 2GB bonus was applied after you select a plan. If the offer doesn’t show up, try heading directly to ‘https://www.fido.ca/promotions/special-offers‘ to get the deal.

We’ve listed the current promotions below, showing the 2GB bonus data as well:

  • $45/8GB (1GB plan + 5GB bonus + 2GB bonus)
  • $50/12GB (4GB plan + 6GB bonus + 2GB bonus)
  • $55/15GB (6GB plan + 7GB bonus + 2GB bonus)
  • $60/16GB (8GB plan + 6GB bonus + 2GB bonus)
  • $70/20GB (10GB plan + 8GB bonus + 2GB bonus)

Overall, it’s not a bad offer, and the 2GB extra data is an excellent reason to choose Fido over Koodo or Virgin, neither of which offers a similar 2GB bonus.

It’s also worth noting that Rogers, Bell and Telus recently started offering $80/30GB unlimited plans.