Modder releases 60fps patch for Bloodborne on PS4 Pro

You'll need to mod your console to get the 60fps experience

Bloodborne combat

Unfortunately, there’s still no official patch that runs Bloodborne at 60fps, but a modded PS4 Pro console might be able to do the trick.

In October, YouTuber Lance McDonald released a video showing off Bloodborne running at 60fps, but the mod wasn’t yet ready for public consumption. Now, McDonald has released a 60fps patch on his Patreon page that allows a modded PS4 to run the game at a higher refresh rate.

It’s important to note that you’ll need a modded PlayStation 4 Pro to run this unofficial software.

I’d never suggest modding a video game console because it voids its warranty, but if you’re brave enough to take the plunge, you’ll be able to experience Bloodborne a lot smoother with this patch.

Sony recently released an update for God of War that allows the game to run at 60fps on the more powerful PlayStation 5, so there’s a possibility an official patch could be coming to Bloodborne in the future

Given how much I like Bloodborne, I’d love to return to the streets of Yharnam to slay hunters at a smoother refresh rate.

Source: Polygon