Nest thermostats rolling out ‘Winter Seasonal Savings’ program

Google says that the program acts as a 'personal energy assistant'

Google is starting to roll out its ‘Winter Seasonal Savings’ energy saving program to Nest thermostats.

Users have reported that Google has been prompting them about the program in the Nest app and on their thermostats. Once users see the prompt, they’re given the following options: Enable, More Info and No Thanks.

9to5Google notes that the message shown to users reads: “For the next three weeks, your thermostat can learn to make your schedule even more efficient.”

Google says that the program acts as a “personal energy assistant” that is able to tune your temperature schedule to find ways to lower your electricity bill. The changes are meant to be subtle, while the biggest tweaks would occur when you’re sleeping or aren’t home. Google notes that the program considers existing preferences, and that tweaks won’t impact comfort.

The program is available to all Nest thermostat owners in Canada (except Quebec) and the United States. It’s worth noting that in order to access the program, the thermostat must be set to US English.

Further, the thermostat will only prompt users about the program if it detects that there’s an opportunity to make schedule adjustments.

Source: 9to5Google