Spotify podcast controls are now a lot better with Alexa in Canada

This feature has been available in the U.S. for a few months

Canadians who like to listen to podcasts on Spotify via an Alexa capable smart speaker are in luck, as a new update gives them more robust voice controls.

This means you can now ask Alexa requests like the following:

  • Alexa, play the SyrupCast podcast on Spotify
  • Alexa, play the latest episode of the SyrupCast podcast on Spotify
  • Alexa, resume The SyrupCast podcast on Spotify
  • Alexa, fast forward 30 seconds
  • Alexa, next episode

While this isn’t the most significant update that Alexa has ever received, it’s great the functionality is finally available through Amazon’s smart speakers.

It’s worth noting that Google Assistant is also able to perform all of these commands as well.