Edison Mail adds support for iOS 14 default email app setting

Edison joins a growing list of email apps you can set as the default on iOS 14, including Gmail, Outlook and Spark

Edison Mail dark mode

Edison Mail is the latest email app to add support for iOS 14’s default mail app option.

In the ‘version 1.21.17’ update rolling out now via the App Store, Edison adds the ability to set the app as the default email app. That means when users tap ‘mailto:’ links or other email-related items on an iPhone or iPad, it will open the default app. Previously, Apple’s Mail app was the default and could not be changed.

To set Edison as the default mail app, you’ll need to install the update, then head to the Settings app, scroll to and tap Edison Mail, then ‘Default Mail App’ and select Edison from the list.

It’s worth noting that iOS 14 had a bug that would reset these settings when users rebooted their iPhone or iPad. Apple has since pushed a fix for it, but some who haven’t updated yet may see their settings revert when they do restart their phones.

Edison joins a growing list of email and browser apps that support iOS 14’s new default app options. That includes Gmail, Outlook, Spark and more on the mail side, and Chrome, Firefox and Brave on the browser side. To see a full list of supported default apps on iOS 14, check out our list here.