Nintendo confirms Super Mario Galaxy on Switch doesn’t require motion controls

It will also support the Switch Pro controller

Nintendo has clarified a point of confusion about the upcoming release of several old Mario games on the Switch.

Last week, the company announced the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, which brought Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy to the company’s newest handheld console. However, Galaxy, which first launched on the Wii in 2007, utilizes motion controls for some parts of the game.

Nintendo’s All-Star collection site left some people confused over how Galaxy’s motion controls would transfer to the Switch. The site notes that players can “gently shake a Joy-Con controller to activate Mario’s Spin ability or pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co-Star Mode.” An asterisk on the sentence further clarifies that: “If playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, detached Joy-Con controllers are required and sold separately.”

Although that sounds like some Switch owners will need to buy the Joy-Con controllers, which support motion, Nintendo says this isn’t the case. The company told Polygon in a statement:

“Super Mario Galaxy is supported in TV, Tabletop and Handheld Modes. In TV and Tabletop modes, motion controls are required for pointer functionality. In Handheld Mode, pointer functionality has been adapted to use Touch Screen.”

 In other words, it seems you won’t need Joy-Con motion controllers, which is good news for Switch Lite owners. Another bit of good news: Nintendo confirmed to Polygon that Super Mario 3D All-Stars supports the Switch Pro controller as well.

Source: Polygon