Electrify Canada hosts petition to get EV charging emoji on smartphones

This emoji is meant to replace the gas pump + lightning bolt that people are using now

Ahead of World Emoji Day, Volkswagen-owned Electrify Canada and Electrify America are trying to petition the Unicode Consortium to include an EV charger emoji.

In case you’ve never heard of the Unicode Consortium, it dictates what items can be included as Emojis on phones and other devices. While you may question why this is needed, one of the roles of the consortium is to ensure that emoji can be understood in any language and other similar details.

The new EV charger emoji looks pretty standard since it seems like a futuristic gas pump with a unique EV specific connector and a lightning bolt icon on it. This is an overall decent upgrade over the existing gas pump plus lightning bolt (⛽️ ⚡) that EV owners are already using.

If you want to help Electrify Canada in its goal to implement this emoji, you can sign a petition on change.org.

Source: Change.org