What are your thoughts on the PS5’s design?

Sony has finally revealed the look of the PlayStation 5, and unexpectedly, it features a unique design that’s very different from previous PlayStation consoles.

The upcoming next-generation system supports both vertical and horizontal orientation, features contoured edges and is both white and black. In several ways, it really looks unlike any video game system that has come before it. It’s also very different from the dark, fridge-like look of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X.

As expected, as soon as the PS5 was revealed, the internet went wild with creative, often hilarious memes.

Let us know in the comment section what you think about the design. Did Sony make the right move by shifting away from the PlayStation 4′ s angular, dark aesthetic that kind of looks like a layered cake? Or is this new direction a little too futuristic for your taste?

Check out some dankest memes below: