Details on Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansion pass coming tomorrow

More Pokémon news is coming on June 2nd at 9am ET

The Pokémon Company has announced that it will reveal more information about its expansion pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The news is scheduled to release tomorrow at 9am ET, according to the Pokémon Company’s Japanese Twitter account.

Nintendo announced the expansion pass earlier this year. The pass includes access to two new regions: ‘The Isle of Armor’ set to release this month and ‘The Crown Tundra,’ releasing this Fall.

The upcoming isle region gives pass owners access to new Pokémon, clothing items, features and more, while the tundra region is adding a new co-op feature.

The expectation is that the Pokémon Company will reveal what day pass owners will get access to the first expansion this month.

The reveal will also likely include a specific release month for Pokémon Sword and Shield’s second expansion.

Image credit: Nintendo

Source: Twitter Via: GoNintendo