OnePlus no longer working with McLaren to make phones

I guess we won't be seeing any new orange phones this year

The partnership between OnePlus and McLaren has come to an end.

Last week leaked reports said the two companies were no longer working together, but now McLaren has removed all mentions of OnePlus from its website. Following that, Android Authority has confirmed with McLaren that the partnership is over.

The automaker said that the deal with OnePlus reached its scheduled conclusion and that it was highly successful. The company even mentions that it would be open to working with OnePlus in the future.

I guess this means we won’t see any more McLaren edition phones this year, indicating the concept device that OnePlus was showing off at CES might be the last one.

This isn’t a huge loss since the phones were generally more expensive and didn’t offer many meaningful improvements. We’ve seen OnePlus partner with Disney on Marvel and Star Wars-branded phones before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the company continued to do that in the future.

Source: Android Authority